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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Songs of the Ungrateful Living
Song:   Friday the 13th
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

They say everything's fine, down where the red light shine
once the junkies have all gone to bed
And once the sun rises, you run out of surprises
and the drugs they sold have cleared from your head
Tight ass nubbin, push come to shovin
Throw so money on the table cover last night's lovin
Got the soul of a whore, got the heart of a lonely man
If I ain't fuckin things up, I do the very best that I can
Just like a lamb to the slaughter, a horse to the water
I only wanna drink if I know I shouldn't oughta
I'm a scared little boy, and I'm really one hell of a man
And I'm a junkie for the lovin touch of a stranger's hand
They say everything's love up in the heavens above
but here on Earth you must atone for your sins
Ain't no room for budgin once the law starts judgin
He's just countin up losses and wins
That's how you play the game, but still all the same
they say it's only cheatin if you get caught
So you runnin wild sinnin, you're smilin and yo' grinnin
with all that trick knowledge you bought
You got the mind of a leper, and the soul of a tortured king
And it's all breakin down and that's the truly unfortunate thing
While you're fightin for survival, I'm feelin sacrificial
Got a brand new rifle girl it's government issue
Got a heart full of stone, got an eye that's about to take aim
And every fuckin person up on Twitter is gonna speak my name
Cause they all gone stupid, they all got lazy
They worship all the money and they idolize the crazy
Everybody wants to go to heaven but everyone's afraid to die
And what if God is real but religion's all just one big lie?
The bar set lower, temperature's higher
Somebody got to spark it, and set one big fire...