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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Songs of the Ungrateful Living
Song:   My House
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[Intro: Everlast]
I know you heard it before, but it's true
C'mon~! What you 'fraid of?
It's gon' do you some good

For all the girls that I loved before
that got a lot more than they bargained for
They got a lot more than they was anticipatin
Started off lovin, winded up hatin
Remember back when we were very first datin
You said baby be patient cause I'm all about waitin
I'm not your overnight stick and move easy
You gotta prove your love or I'm really kinda cheesy
She's her daddy's girl, oh so fine
Do anything in this world, to make her mine
We'll sip a lil' wine
Talk and see what this is all about

[Chorus] {*scratched in the background: "The House of Pain!"*}
C'mon over to my house {*3X*}
We could have some fun at my house

We can do this like Brutus on a Tuesday night
Can burn some nice hemp and make the place smell right
Could roll you up some trees, could make you a bite
Could maybe watch a movie or the UFC fight
Could play a little chess, or sit by the fire
and conversate for a while 'bout human desire
We'll do a little bettin we could do a little kissin
Get what you need gettin girl you don't know what you missin
Baby girl let me know
if you have any doubts


We could put on some tunes, and sing a few songs
Call up your friends tell 'em all come along
We'll fire up the grill, and start up a party
Cause ev-a-ry-one needs the love of somebody
We can sip on tequila, and act like a fool
And wake up all the neighbors when we jump in the pool
Come on over and spend some time
And, put some hope in this heart of mine
Lay your head in my lonely arms
No surprises, no alarms
And baby girl let me know
are you in, are you out?

[Final Chorus]
C'mon over to my house {*2X*}
We could have some fun at my house
Baby we can call it our house
C'mon over to my house