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Artist: Foul Mouth Jerk
Album:  Streetlight Music
Song:   Played Out
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I'm the product of a by-gone age
back when the fashion was high-top fades
the motif was cocaine, rope chains and gold teeth
808 dope beats, kick a box - no seat
5-star rims, jet black tints
windbreaker suits, windmills, backspins
Carharts, Timberlands, and Motorola pagers
Starter jackets: either Georgetown or Oakland Raiders
Lunchroom freestyle battles, high-schoolers
fadin' off of OE or Crooked-I coolers
Mexican bags and mescaline tabs
Brand Nube's at the Muse so we catchin' the PATH
Back when underground radio kept North Jersey bumpin'
Teddy Ted and Special K, Kevin, Keith and Dirty Dozen
Who could be on BLS
who's king of the mixtapes?
Red Alert on KISS-FM cuttin' like a switchblade
Take a look around, Great Adventures of Slick Rick
Funky Technician, Strictly Business
I would say that things ain't the way they used to be
but fuck that - them days are gone now and ain't never gonna come back
I ain't got no jewels or ice, I'm played out
I spit 'cause I'm nice on the mic, I'm played out
I didn't blow up overnight, I'm played out

(**scratched**) My life is played out like a Jheri Curl... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

I've been doin' it since back in the days, I'm played out
I'm not up on the latest craze, I'm played out
I'm still strugglin' to get paid, that's played out

(**scratched** )My life is played out like a Jheri Curl... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

Yo, It's a known fact
Foul Mouth Jerk's a throwback
Still stuck on that old rap, the pro-black
now somebody give my broke-ass a soul clap
Still walk with my hand on my jewels, holdin' my Bozack
Only smoke Sess, Cheeba, or Buddha-bless cause I'm def
dumb, hype, chilly and super-fresh
kickin' the ballistics, drop science, and flow the funky shit
I don't holla at bitches, man, I kick it to the honey-dips
with the lovliest, girl you know my flavor
fuck a cell phone, hit me on my Skypager
so I can hit the skinz, I got somethin for ya kittycat
latex for safe sex, pocket full of Jimmy hats
Smokin' on the nicklesack
In my fishin hat, if it's not my shearling
I probably rock a Triplefat
I can tell you on my tip, 'cause you know what time it is
I'm clockin' crazy dollars, so I push the flyest whips..
Ya'll suckas can't fade my Cross Colours
so step off before I catch wreck and cause ruckus
I'm jettin', I'm proofin', I'm ghost, I'm Swayze
I'm peace an' I'm Audi 5000, Baby!
Got gold and platimum plaques, I'm played out
I'm lucky just to be on wax, I'm played out

When I rock, man, I stick to the facts, that's played out
(**scratched**) My life is played out like a Jheri Curl... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

Don't got a single that's hot in the club, played out

I ain't a damn pimp or a thug, played out
I'm just glad not to be locked up, that's played out
(**scratched**) My life is played out like a Jheri Curl... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

Still got the boombox that only plays cassettes

Still bumpin PRT, Kris, Kane, Finesse
Chub Rock, King Sun in my tape deck
still watch New Jersey Drive on VHS
still got that ol' gold in the chokehold
still rock a b-boy stance in photos
still playin' Tyson Punchout and Tecmo Bowl
Ain't got no Sean John, Phat Farm or Esco clothes
Got my Champion hoodie, still wear Girbauds
Rock a Ewing hi-tops, got two pairs of those
Still rock 'em untied with two dumb fat laces
Still hit 48 bars, no hooks or catch-phrases
Real kool kats still dance when I rap
cause I go back to the wall, it's wack to do that
so fuck anyone who says that I'm past my prime 'cause I get better with age
like a glass of wine, but still I'd be rich
if I had a dime for everytime, I wished I could go back in time
with my fattest rhymes and make the platnium mine
but I still probably wouldn't be satisfied
I'm literally played out

(**scratched**) My life is played out... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

(**scratched**) My life is played out like a Jheri Curl... (B.I.G - from Ready to Die)

Damn right you're played out!
You better put some fuckin' spinners on that song or somethin;
Jesus Christ dude! Why don't you take your broke ass back to '93
and do a St. Ides commercial or some shit...?

Played out motherfucker