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Artist: Fes Taylor f/ Cappadonna, T-Bird
Album:  Fresh Air Fund
Song:   Moma Raised Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: T-Bird]
See I'm a rider, I'm a survivor
Moma ain't raised no punk, so I'm a fighter
I never lost, cuz I am a winner
Yes, I am a winner, God made me a winner

Never had nothing before, so I learned how to hustle in the street
Now I'mma score, when I was young
I used to slip in the crack store
Now I'm known all over the world for speaking my life
Still reside up in the hood, though
Success is inevitable, wherever the hood go
Ya'll niggas should know, I can't quit
My life is like a movie, actors and characters
Surrounded by savages, gotta go where the cabbage is
Fiends rush the drug dealers, babies in carriages
Industry took a bow, not knowing what marriage is
My life is like a bridge, many lifes crossed over
These the pains of a black man, with the world on my shoulders
Now I'm a rider, I'm a survivor
I came from the hood, though, moma raised a fighter
God planted faith in me, and now I'm a good writer
I'm always putting work in, cuz I'm destined to win
I go hard and so hard, God forgive me for my sin
I used to be a drug dealer, studied one to ten
And now I"m a minister, I do this for my children
I keep my antennas up, focus my life on
Provided back something for whenever it's tough
This is my life song, my life

[Fes Taylor]
To be real with you niggas, I dare a nigga front on me
I sware to God, I throw the steel to you niggas
Like what the fuck I gotta lose, so I choose death
Over life in jail, any day, before I wear a pair of Pataki shoes
And my tattooes, shit I would ride for
Probably to the judge, but, shit I wouldn't lie to ya'll
Staten Island Wolf Pack, is not a rap group
A bunch of niggas that'll clap/shoot, black suits
Act cool, act cute, ask who
Ever did wrong to a nigga, I put an ax to
Cut him off like lames when I cut across
Something like, when I floss in the butter soft
My baby mother lost, told her get her head right
For she have my son grow up, speeding through red lights
So fuck the world, my moms and my girl
My life's played out like a jheri curl, ready to die
Listen to Big, stereo, riding to Pac
On some Big L shit, I let it knock
I am not the average rapper, who spit jokes to get laughter
Rather send some muthafuckas after ya
Kidnap Russell Simmons til he put my niggas on
Hurricane Taylor, waiting for the bigger storm
My niggas gone, so my niggas mourn
So why the fuck you think I rep they name every song?
Y. Million, B-Ghost, Flex, Day-Day, Heck
Still ain't enough beat to say the rest, damn...

My father was never there, but I was never scared
I guess God got a plan for this brother here
The streets made me stronger, jail made me think longer
My brother got shot on the corner smoking marijuana
So don't believe the hype, I'm describing my ghetto life
I seen shorty shoot a nigga just to earn his stripes
I put the weed down, I'm focused on me now
I need a moment of clarity, I can see now
Some people understand, me? I'm trying to overstand
And part the ocean like Moses with one wave of the hand
I"m real with my niggas, I got love for them all
Plus I know they gonna catch me if I ever fall
I'm Brooklyn like Biggie Smalls but I ain't a Bad Boy
Everything I wear is exclusive, like 'look at that boy'
Picture me rolling with Pac, smoking in L.A.
He never would of died if the gun was under his Pele
Ask Queen Latifah what happened to all the Unity
After she did the movie, she forgot how to be true to me
I used to listen to P.E. for hours
And now I finally understand, how I can Fight the Power
You front on me, I throw your ass in the ditch
I'd rather be a son of a bitch, then a son of a snitch
If life is a gamble, then I'm 4, 5, 6
I told my wife just be patient, we soon gon' be rich
It's, the Chernak Music Group, hate us or love us
But no matter how you feel, you could never get above us
I'm a winner...

[Chorus 2X]