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Artist: Far East Movement f/ Lil' Rob, Baby Bash
Album:  Animal
Song:   You Got a Friend
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You got a friend
You got a friend

Chorus: Bionic & Storm
All you need to know is you got a friend
Even there and by
Right til the end
If I travel, I know I can depend
All I need to know is I got a friend

(Verse 1)
[Kev Nish]  Baby, let's cruise with the radio tunes
            You know the best times come when there's nothin' to do
            It's rare that a pair get a minute or two
            So I cherish every second with a girl like you
            Ain't nothin' like a home girl down for the ride
            Nothin' like a home girl down for life
            Baby, be my love, you could be my Left Eye
            Be my umbrella through the rain or shine
[J-Splif]   When I'm out of state, I know you rep me (Rep me)
            Ain't no other woman would accept me (Right)
            A man's only true has its option
            But I keep it real, home girl
            Cause I got you (I got you)
[Prohgress] When you feel my hand down your back, you got a friend
            When you put me on the right track, you got a friend
            When I show the love right back, you got a friend
            Damn, it feels good to know, I got a friend

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Lil' Rob]
When things get a little shaky like a can of Crylon
You need a shoulder to cry on, need someone to rely on
I want you to know when, you need a friend
Definitely a friend you can depend on
You can depend on me
Like my name was Smokey
So when things don't seem to be going your way
And nothin' seems to be going right (Goin' right)
Upon to be the man that'll brighten your day (Brighten your day)
And turn your darkness to light (To light)
I'll be around and turn your frown upside down
Because you been a good woman to me
You deserve the best and nothing less
For the best is what you get
And all my respect (And all my respect)
What'd you expect?
You got my palabra
All the way til the end
Baby doll, you got yourself a friend

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
I'll always be your player potna, in and out the hot tub
Always steak and lobsters, smokin' on them choppers
Pimpin' through the boulevard, back to the avenue
Good vibe attitude, I ain't even mad at you
Matter of fact, that song's filled with some graditude
I just appreciate the time that I had with you
Now I'm in and out your life like a robbery
Got me on the road, til I'm gettin' paid properly
And I can tell that you're still so proud of me
An ache that never get your corazon out of me
So lil' mamma, I'm a always be your handyman
Give me a call when I'm a ready for some Candyman

Oh yeah
I've got a friend
You got a friend
I got a friend

Repeat Chorus

You sing with me
Oh, na-na-nah
Oh, na-na-nah, nah