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Artist: Fat Joe
Album:  The Darkside, Vol. 1
Song:   I Am CRACK
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(You know
What you gotta understand is that it's a drug
that affects the brain chemistry of the user
and it causes things like paranoia, euphoria, insomnia, loss of appetite
and this really insatiable craving for more cocaine
People who smoke crack, they get this immediate
and intense release of dopamin in the brain
and once those dopamin levels plummet after just a few minutes
the smoker feels compelled to take another hit
just to ease the feelings of depression and sadness)

(Good afternoon
We're reporting live in the streets of the Bronx today
chronicling a deadly epidemic sweeping the nation
A wave of violent crimes have been linked to chronic addiction
to and distribution of a drug called)


[ VERSE 1: Fat Joe ]
They heat me up, I can see the top bubble waitin for me
Investigators sendin snitches for me
Sold out, lines around the block
Niggas waitin for a whiff of that base and that rock
Chicago Bulls fitted, they callin me red top
You can find me in Humboldt Park soon as it gets dark
Or even in the daylight, even though it ain't right
I'm outside the church preyin on some saved lives
Or sittin on a scale good enough to taste
I'm better than a protein shake to lose weight
Nigga, no doubt I'm the hardest in the game
It's the Rock, I ain't talkin Jay, Biggs and Dame
I'm talkin bling-bling, crack pipe and a collar
I make bums fight to wash cars for a dollar
A glass dick in the mouth of a model
Take your time, baby, don't spit, just swallow


(Downtown Miami we've described on the scene
a intense gun battle between police and known drug dealers
from both the local area and New York City
The shooting's been ongoing since early this afternoon
and sources report that so far as many as
nine people have been killed or wounded
This is just another chapter in what has been
Miami's epic struggle in the war against...
...I - I'm just a reporter!)
( *shots* )

[ VERSE 2: Fat Joe ]
In the '80s I made so many premature babies
Put niggas in Mercedes strapped with .380's
Uh, who you think made Nino smarter?
If it wasn't for me, it wouldn't be no Carter
Down in DC, yeah, shit got scary
Almost lost my political connect with Mayor Barry
They mix me with embalming fluid, it's unreal
And Jada said he cooked me on a Foreman Grill
Turn a happy home into a stash house
They can smoke me all night until they pass out
I'm cool with pops and I'm cool with moms
But they don't know that we cool, me and you share a bond
Franklins, Jacksons, get me to actin a fool
I transform into a bird on the moon
Down south yeah, they on me, kid
I'm the shit lettin baseheads and zombies live


(A more brutal form of cocaine known as crack
is increasingly penetrating every part of our social strand
Classified as a Schedule I substance by the DEA
crack is wreaking havoc on ( ? ) the inner city and the suburbs
With the war on drugs reaching a fever pitch
law enforcement agencies are scrambling to rid
their communities of this destructive drug)

[ VERSE 3: Fat Joe ]
CL 63 with the seats reclinin
From the cracks we slingin and the keys we flinin
Keep iron on me, niggas on the streets keep eyin me
Till I Stuart Scott a nigga, y'all peep me sideways
Crack is good coke, good dope
Is good money, thick broads on big boats
Big business, big Benzes
26 rims lead to never ending sentences
I'm lookin clean in a box
With a fresh line-up, nigga, your time's up
The dumps where they find you mangled and tied up
50 keys in the stash gets the streets dried up
Short a few guns, need a couple of pies
You see a boat, I run it right by
Can you feel it, nothin can save ya
It's crack baby, minus the incubators