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Artist: Fat Joe 
Album:  The Darkside Vol. 3
Song:   9th Wonder
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Darkside! You know it mean more to me when a nigga really live them lyrics you know!
Yeah! I mean like when I listen to a nigga I be like yeah I remember
Uh Heh! I don't really remember them niggas, puttin it down like that

[Verse One]
Wonder why the flow retarded, 'cause the shit we are
The authentic more realer than you fake niggas pretendin
Uh! Late night long drives our main agenda 
Get money fuck every bitch before we end up
Dead in the pine box make sure it's a hundred thousand
I grew up in public housin boilin crack in water fountains
Young and on the park bench fantasizin
Same spot he got shot and they cant revive him
Darkside is a tail of addictions
Turn your moms into a fiend 'cause you addicted to pitchin
Uh! You gotta get the cuban three kilos!!!
Giovanci the heat's on me
Got knocked turned quiet bet ya sing off key
Nah man I stay Cool like D.R.E. 
Living rooms with swimming pools filled withg P.Y.T.'S
Fresh pair of J's and some P.R.P'S you know!

Yeah Uh!

[Verse Two]
Just me and my bitch, in the two seater
Mink floor in the wind, that'll move Peta
Get me a pot and a stove and I could move pieces
Thirty six of them o's I bought a Mona Lisa
Got more white chicks than a sorority house
While Fox News quick to point minorities out
I gotta admit he kinda tip, bad don't mean he gonna
Pointed her out the crowd and her son's a punta cana
Put her in some pumps and designer Chanels
She got her pussy wet enough to douse the fires and hail
Got the iron on my seat and I pull up blastin 
9th Wonder on the beat and it's a fuckin classic!

Uh! Yeah! I wanna shoutout my brother Brent T.A.T.
Bio, Nice and B.G. Shoutout to Shane 125th!
Uh! Coke too I see you, forever king!