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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Nick Shades
Album:  The Darkside Vol. 3
Song:   The Cypher
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[Intro: Fat Joe] (Nick Shades)
That nigga Diamond D threw me the loop (Oh word? Let's get it)
Yo Nicky man let's just go off on this bitch right here man classic shit (Straight bars right!)
Go in no punches no nothin man (No type of shit like that)
Let's go! Uh! (Cypher style) Yeah!

[Verse One: Fat Joe]
Now check it out I'll kill your baby in your baby carriage
Bust a shotgun at your wedding that's a perfect marriage
Pray to God a nigga catch your g in his ride
Hit 'em with that (BRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!) Crack with stand your ground
This is that cocaine rap, blood on the dope
I see zombies on the trap next to phantoms and the ghost
Pussy on the pole, prophesies an option when you grow up on the stove and your pops is never home
Uh! We miss the heroin with the tranquilizer nigga
All that's missin is the thrill of synthesizin nigga  
Junkies hop the back like like a clydesdale (Crack!)
Throwin niggas off the boat like crimes fell
I'm on the top deck on the coast of Tropez
Spendin coins chasin tail just to drop heads
High times pull the mag fully loaded chrome
Rolling Stones on the cover of the Rolling Stone

[Interlude: Fat Joe] (Nick Shades)
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! (Hey you did that shit though Crack!)
Yo nigga Shades! (Yeah! Yeah!) Hit them niggas with that shit man! (Hey! Hey!)
Diamond D on the track! (Yeah!) Ahhhhhh!!!! (Hey! Hey!)

[Verse Two: Nick Shades]
First of all wanna thank my connect
For, puttin me on gameand always bein on deck
Young cuban so I had to get the link up on my neck
Then I leave the homie Crack to make this money manifest
Architect the many schemes with the intent to dividends
Come direct to my direction type of shit when shit come in
A form a list immaculate, network the stance
Slangin shit the masses while gettin lifted by the help
My niggas always packin pistols wanna trip then be my guess
Blaow! And then we disappear with pure finesse
And bitches like Montana tryin to end up more like Sosa
So I gamble with the coke until my cash flow runneth over
Got so many stash spots my g, more weight than a boulder
Rather cliché the safe homie fuck how you feel
And I'm a keep stackin the stack and make this paper for real
From Dade County to The Bronx I'm tryin to come up for real
Most girls are super bomb pierced to reach to way highly conscious
Use to move me from what's blazin to enlighten the darkness

[Outro: Fat Joe] (Nick Shades)
Aight aight yo Nick Nick Nick chill chill man! (Oh!) Chill Nick! (Shit nigga!) 
That's it Nick! (Man I can go forever bruh!) Nah Nah Nah Nah this the future Nick Shades chill chill man!