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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Jackie Rubio
Album:  The Elephant in the Room
Song:   Cocababy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Jackie Rubio]
Uh, yeah, uh, uh

[Chorus: Jackie Rubio] + (Fat Joe)
As we, proceed, to give you, what you need (c'mon)
(Coca baby you know it's me) {*2X*}
Got trees, got lean, papi, codeine (c'mon)
(Coca baby you know it's me) {*2X*}

[Fat Joe]
I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck
Shit never gave a fuck but I hit 'em up (c'mon)
Coca baby you know it's me, BX T.S. 'til I D-I-E
New York, New York, shit that's all me
Name another nigga with a flow like me
So sick I spits with H-I-V
Put it on 5th (lift) Left Eye see
Flamin, I know all about the holla 'caine, it's pavement
That's where I'm hidin all the payments
Davis, I'll get it poppin like Larry
Badly, I just wanna run up in your family
Coca baby, you know it's me
Got nines, got Tecs, got Macs, Khaled!
Mr. Enuff would you bump my shit?
Funkmaster Flex would you bump my shit?
I do it for them niqqaz that be bangin them fifths
Pumpin those bricks, talking my shit
Uh oh, uh oh, another niqqa got hit
Uh oh, uh oh, another niqqa 'bout to snitch


[Fat Joe]
New York~! It's time to re-up
Half a mill', couple of ki's up
Cost nuttin to send 'em to Jesus
Front page it costs to be us
Ay, now that's the homey Young Lou
That nigga move, blow him out of his shoes
Tony get the llello like deja vu
We live life like it's nothin to lose
Call me Joe Blizzard when I step up the suits
Life of a rock star, fuck 'em in twos
You want beef, I'll bring that chopper
A hundred rounds, I tear the block up
You ghetto birds'll have to come runnin
I ain't playin, I'm just gunnin
Muh'fucker I'll leave him topless
CSI'll have to come mop him
Coca baby you know it's me
Give the nigga the whole ki', let him OD
I'll let him go put his tank on E
Tell them motherfuckers that they not like me

[Chorus] - 2X (second time without Fat Joe)