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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Jackie Rubio, Swizz Beatz
Album:  The Elephant in the Room
Song:   Drop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Swizz Beatz]
Joey time, report to the dancefloor {*repeats and overlaps*}

[Chorus 2X: Fat Joe] + (Jackie Rubio)
Hey this is the bounce that we're talkin about
Make the ladies go (HEY) and the mamis go (OWW)
Everybody know it when they step in the spot
* 1: You hear the {*drumbeat*}
* 2: You hear that "TIME!!!!"
* 1: that means your favorite record gon' drop/Drop {*8X*}
* 2: that means another nigga got dropped/Drop {*8X*}

[Fat Joe]
More money, more problems
I've been runnin the Apple from the bottom
I've been told my nigga Khaled I got 'em
GT's Bugatti's you aint got 'em
Rose' keep that on tap
All day, Jo-se, lil' mom all that
She like it and she want it so you know she gon' get it
My niggaz in the club, so you know we gon' set it
We got people (people) you're not equal (equal)
Another one, another Joe Crack sequel
More hits than a mob flick, we move
More pits than Mr. Kool-Aid, sweet cool


[Fat Joe]
All she wants (all she wants) all she needs (all she needs)
Brand new Bentley, drop on the Shante
Ask any nigga in the hood about me
Call me the janitor, cause Crack got ki's
Chicks unbelieves, wrist on freeze
Hundred mill' large and I'm feelin like cream
Crack the boss man, livin a nigga dream
Jacuzzi so large I can feel like 18
Hey! It's like this livin the Joe
Every weekend different car, come equipped with the Vogues
And you know shit hard when it's Swizzy and Joe
88 nigga yeah cause I'm dope with the flow (now let's get it)


[Swizz Beatz]
Oooh~!! Ohh (Swizzy)
It's individuals
Y'all know what it is!
Individual, individuals time!
Let's go
Let's get it! {*7X*}
Joey time! Ayyy, ohh!
Bounce, ayyy! C'mon, ayy
Y'all already know it's Joey time
Joey time, c'mon, wooop