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Artist: Fat Joe f/ DJ Khaled, Pooh Bear
Album:  The Elephant in the Room
Song:   Get it for Life
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Khaled]
My word on everything! I mean everything!!
We will never stop! I mean never~!!!
Nigga +We the Best+!!!

[Chorus: Pooh Bear] + {DJ Khaled}
I'ma get it for life; get it for us
Get it for love, I'm a keep it alive (yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (yeah, yeah)
I'ma get it for life (get it for life); get it for you
Get it for me, get it tonight (yeah, yeah)
I'ma sacrifice (yeah, yeah) I'ma get it for life
{Nigga we ain't never stoppin!!}
{Nigga +We the Best+!!!}

[Fat Joe]
Coca, niggaz call me Crack in the flesh
Run up on a nigga with a Mac in a dress
{*BOOM*} Hear to rip through his vest
If you ain't got sticks well you better invest (yes)
A nigga used to dream of that water blue
Now I swapped out for some with killer view
Fresh off the block doin interviews
You can still see the coke on my linen suit
I'm a don, change twice a day
I do it for the love when there's so much hate
Straight out the courtroom, million dollar bail
Back to the spot, got a million dollar sale


[Fat Joe]
I'ma get it for life; so much money I'm sittin on mills
My mansion, bottom of the Pooh set scrills
200 over on the Phantom, drop that 650
Stinky green death stock, they call me the crispy
Sky blue suit with the bow-tie
Yeah you start dressin cute when you mul-ti
Sheeit, I make it rain with dollars
Had you leanin back 'til you popped you a collar
Mo' money (mo' money), let's get it (let's get it)
We the Best (We the Best) I said it (I said it)
Yeah nigga, welcome to the Crackhouse
I do it for my niggaz in the prison supermax'd out

[Chorus] - 2X

[Fat Joe - over second Chorus]
Yeah, I'm gon get it
I'm gon get it for you, I'm a get it for me, I'm a get it for us
I does this for the streets
16 runnin tha Carter, 17 beamers and Benz
Multi-millions nigga, yeah let's get it hoe

[Fat Joe]
Only serious nigga to do this shit like Pun did it
I said it, I get it, I'm done with it
Y'all niggaz is gettin on, I've been shittin
Hundred grand in one night in Sin City
I've been spittin, been rippin to any beat
Big L, Fat Joe, the enemy
Y'all niggas keep lyin 'bout Tenn'a-ki'
If you really want Crack, come get at me