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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Raekwon, T.A.
Album:  Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)
Song:   Ice Cream
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Fat Joe]
Yeah, Krillz on to check it
Whattup Big March? K-O-J
This is the ice cream, yeah the ice cream man
Ha, the ice cream, I'm the ice cream man
Uhh, T.A. all day
You don't need that watch, yo, yo

[Fat Joe]
I went from Jackie to Janice, Trina to Tameka
She had the fattest ass if my niggaz woulda seen her
See a nigga on, before you know it I'm gone
Front of the coliseum watchin girls eyes roam
Just a throwback nigga, with the Motorola phone
Hopped in the spaceship, whole 'nother zone
We outta here; back to the Bronx where the real say
Every last Sunday of the month call it Krillz day
Every other week I hear somebody tryin to kill me
But I be out of town, gettin money where the bills lay
Ice cream, ice cream, she wants ice cream
Says she's on a diet so I hit her with the light cream
I got the sweetest love, you know that rock thick
Shorty you can lick lick, suck on this big dick (AOW~!)
Hold up, shit, you better get your wet wipes
You know Joey G'd up, I got every stripe
I got houses on the side of mountains
I'm more fearless than every one of my killers
If your girl leaves with me, she gon' keep comin
She gon' keep cummin, keep cummin, she gon' love me (ow)

Ice cream, ice cream, who wants ice cream?
Hey - everybody screamin for that ice cream
When she screams, I scream, I scream, she screams
Hey - everybody screamin for that ice cream
Ice cream, I'm the ice cream man
Yes the ice cream, I'm the cream man {*3X*}

I'm feelin like the Bronx most wanted, how they all want it
When it come to pretty women fuck them womens by the hundreds
I'm a stunner, a sunner, you can call me what you wanna
I'll, take yo' bitch she'll be "Gone 'Til November"
I, got so many hoes some names I can't remember
It was Tonya, Wanda, movies, made 'em
Two time Johnny, two freaks when I slay 'em
Always get new ones, old ones might play 'em
Bumpin "Maybach Music" and I'm in the Maybach
Come and get your ice cream, lil' mama lay back
(Where at?) On the lap of Crack
Cause we be trizzin, hit you from the front and the back
My time is money, better have my money ASAP
I done came up, I can bet them niggaz hate that
If your girl leave with me, she gon' keep comin
Comin keep cummin, keep cummin, she gon' love me


Yo, aiyyo
Who smelled the fragrance? It was Chanel mixed with YSL
Flagged in burgun', serpent know well
We at a large brunch, discussin the God's punch
Kayla with Bartles & Jaymes, shorty kept starin at my shell son
And my velour was rugged, my whip was 400
Gangsters I was with flashed all hundreds
Gucci couture to store shit
Let me get the number love the worker exhausted, I forced it
(That's right) Paragon style, I'm fly with it, might be what'chu want
With good taste, put you in a good space
Sat back, check her shape, good shape
plus she vegan, I'm fiendin for you like Swiss cake
My medicine is you and me in love, the plug was a match
Gats on the center, Irish pub
She kept laughin, lickin her lips, listen to flicks
Clean Aston, now I got my hand on her tits, but uhh


[Outro: Fat Joe]
Yeah! Hustle super fly shit, y'knahmean?
On that A.C.G. shit, that fly Pelle
Jumpin out that brand new whip on my own tip
Little Dominican mami you feel me?
It's Coca, Krillz! J.O.S.E. 2
Get at me nigga