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Artist: Fat Joe f/ Akon
Album:  Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)
Song:   One
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[Akon] + {Fat Joe}
One one (ohhh) one one one (Akon and Joe)
One, one (yeahhhh) {Coka}
Konvict Music~! {Krillz}
One one {uhh} one one one
{See them sneakers, they sick}
One {as a riot} one {AOWWW}
Oooh yeah!!

[Fat Joe]
Shorty I'll be there, any time you need me
To me you're the most beautiful girl, easy
Nuttin feels better then the love that you supplyin
Couldn't make a better chick if that was me in +Weird Science+
She love me even though I'm fat, I rans the trap
My pants are saggin you see my crack
Now that's Joey from the block, the only one I got
Sing on the more or less you hold the number one spot
Even when I'm down you make me feel on top
That's why the car got the bow tie, house got the yacht
When I cheated you was loyal, stood by my side
That's why I went from three to one like I made five

[Chorus: Akon]
We all need one
We all need somebody to hold us down
We all need somebody to ride or die
We all, we all need
We all need one
Somebody that's gonna keep it real with you
Put up with yo' shit and deal with you
We all, we all need, we all need one

[Interlude: Akon]
One one, one one one (oooh yeah)
One (ooh yeah) one, hey one!

[Fat Joe]
One, not two or three
Spend the rest of our lives, what's it gon' be?
I remember when you first moved in with me
And your moms and your pops didn't even wanna see
I told you it'd be okay
Put my life on the line on the grind hit the streets all day
You've seen that yeah, and the D's with chase
Hoppin over them gates, I could see your face
(Need one yeah!) More reason to get away, the set nigga runnin
Tuck my kids to sleep, tell 'em daddy's comin
And I'm gonna get you outta them 'jects
Nuttin but the best baby girl and that's just outta respect


[Fat Joe]
Ain't no shorty like the one I got
Take the work from the crib on down to the spot
I mean makes y'all holla when she walked in the block
But she only love me man you ain't got a shot
And there's nuttin like the love we share
Even when you gone baby girl it's like you still right here
One sun, one moon, you're my one boo
I can count on you, you always come through


[Fat Joe]
E'rybody wish they got that ride or die
That one and only single no more or less
You feel me? No paper... locked down
She gon' hold you down
Yeah.. that's why we need that one
(We all need one! One one, one one one)
Krillz! (One, one) And for my baby girl
(We all need one!) Love of my life
Your eyes like mine (we all need one) your nose like mine
Your walk your talk like mine
That's why you the one