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Artist: Fat Joe f/ OZ, T-Pain
Album:  Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E. 2)
Song:   Put Ya in Da Game
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Fat Joe, T-Pain

[Intro/Interlude: T-Pain]
Shawty I couldn't help but notice that you were sittin on the sideline
I got all of the material thang that'chu need to get a new shine
I can put you in that game and I can have you lookin like you've never seen
Baby you bad as fuck, but when I'm done you be lookin so clean

[Chorus: T-Pain]
Let me put you in the game
Fingernails, toenails, painted up
High heels, the chrome wheels, and you standin up
Better clothes, from head to toe, the stiletto
Got the stereo, I see your trunk
Let me put you in the game (let me put you in the game)
Let me put you in the game (let me put you in the game)
And mami you already know, I'm spendin dough
And you gon' be the baddest thing, on the road
I can put you in the game

[Fat Joe]
She said she never seen a car, with the seat in the middle
She tried to bite my chain, she thought it was some Skittles
I don't be runnin game, I just be runnin riddles
Have her hittin high notes, like my dick comes with a fiddle
Now I'm twenty-fo' inches on the grizzound, grizzound, uh-oh
Anything you want to touch I tizzown, tizzown, uh-oh
Puffin on that haze I'm talkin pizzounds, pizzounds, uh-oh
Gotta get that money that's how we get down, get down, ya!
Suicide doors, I'm so Kobain
Louis camou' jacket, the bah is the same
Jesus Joey Crack you must be sellin cocaine
Cause they don't make no money like that in the rap game
Mister Mister Rainman, yeah I can make it rain
Top blown off, and I ain't even aim
Yankee hat back, the seats on lean
And no that's not a car, that's a fuckin airplane


Ha ha~! Allow me to reintroduce myself
My name is O, it leans in my kizzo, kizzo, uh-oh
And I blow difference cause I'm stizzuck, stizzuck, uh-oh
Party on the yacht or we can party on the island
Party with two - wait I guarantee I'll have you smillin
Say she never partied with a G like me
Well I'm in Carol City servin E to the fiends
Bet'chu never ride that bus, 20's on that Cayenne truck
Bet I'll have your friends like they stick together, who fly as us?
Listen to me shawty I can put you in the game
Jabar rocks drippin, couple diamonds in your chain
You know we on a roll, blowin 'dro gettin dough
So all you got do is say YES ma and we can go!


[Fat Joe]
Now she lookin past y'all, cause your boy's in a slump
I took her out of the 'jects, the top floor of the Trump
Had to hustle hard to give lil' momma the months
Now she runnin down 5th like she related to Gump
I'm talkin Forrest, and yes that's the hood where I'm from
Had shawty bustin off like the pussy's a gun
Then I beat it up, like that ass comes with a drum
And I can do the same things for you that I did for Pun

[Interlude] + [Chorus]