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Artist: Fatal Hussein f/ Scarface (Geto Boys)
Album:  Fatal
Song:   Daddy
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[Intro/Chorus: Female singer X3]
Daddy can you wait for me?!
Daddy can you Wait for me, and come home?!

[Scarface overlapping the above Intro]
Come On, Ha ha, yeah!
My nigga 'Pac in this motherfucker, ugh

[Verse One: Fatal Hussein]
I used to beat y'all and duck
Rolling up the streets with a Dutch
Thugged out, every hood-rat, I speak towards such
Couldn't re-act to ya'll, told your infinite squad
I'm bigger than that, dog, I put the mack to y'all
But I.. got a wife, yeah, that's all I need
You want your head stacked, honey, smoke all my trees
Then harrass me and ask me for dough in the club
When you can get these low budget niggaz, known as thugs
Outlaw Mafia, ma, trust me beloved
Keep your Moets at the bar and them Rusky Buggys 
And you say I'm thugged out; and that's just for cussing
The way I put it down; to make you and your girl fresh loving

[Chorus: Female singer X3]

[Verse Two: Scarface]
Yeah, yeah, left you heart broke in four place
Crushed you, used to see you all the time
Now, I only wanna see you to fuck you
Fuck it, you win something and you lose something
And you're wondering what happened to us, you can do such
I tried to tell you that in so many words..
The way that you was acting seems begot on my nerves
To analyze my lifestyle from a side mind perspective
You could've been the one driving his Lexus
Never ever would've expected you're riding the pine
Stayed the fuck out off your face so stay the fuck out off mine
For getting you dough, bitch
I don't owe you shit, you don't owe me shit
Now, tell your ass whore ditch
I hate a bitch be getting drunk trying to run that game
Bragging off to her home girls to say my name
You must've forgot where I cope you slut
Telling me to wait for you, bitch, wait for what? 

[Chorus: Female singer X3]

[Verse Three: Fatal Hussein]
You're calling me on my Cellphone blowing up the spot
And I'm thinking.. she really known knot for knot
Shit! illuminate your future, bitch, fuck the rot
And it's like.. never before when I touch the spot
Hooked into the game, whether it was us or not
Through the cracks in the block in the toughest knocks
Even took the weight when Eighty Eight flips the spot
And when the niggaz slapped you down; I made them kiss the glock
You ain't never had a friend like me
Without a flip, turned a six into a double up ten like me
You win like me? ~ spin like me, chase the honies
Ain't nothing changed but cases and the face of money

[Chorus: Female singer until faded]

[Outro: Fatal Hussein ad-libing]
If y'all wanna roll, you gonna fall
Just like Daddy!!