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Artist: Full Force f/ Allure, Bambue, Funkmaster Flex, Method Man, Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Still Standing
Song:   Float On With Us (Classic Extended Version)
Typed by: CnoEvil@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Funkmaster Flex]
Yaknawimean? It's gettin' ready to happen
We bout to black out, Funkmaster Flex
Full Force, what you know about it, baby?
Bout to give you what you need, what you want, understand it
Strictly blast off material is what we dealin' wit here, you heard?
Let's go...

Put your hands in the air, cuz I'm about to blast
Bambue bout to set if off on your ass
Bring it on, what, the way I do this
Ain't nothin' to this, raps run through this
Steppin' up the game now, run wit Full Force
Don't have to rock no jewels, and I still floss
Coachin' French style, I spit, blaze it out
Tricks skip it out, what you talk, we live it out
Love up in the club and I post the French toast
Shades of French braids, back is exposed
The don diva got you twistin' they clothes
Fuck wit Cola bottle type body like 'whoa'
We let ballers get me cock-eyed, cuz I print out when we lock eye
Not shy, the skirt cut high, the style fly
C-notes in the brassiere, by the tata's, you broke
Float nigga, bye-bye

[Chorus: Full Force (Funkmaster Flex) {Allure}]
It's gettin' kinda hot in the club tonight
Dance, drink all night, mess around, spend about a dub tonight
Cuz I like, the girls that live in the club (It's on fire tonight)
Dance, gettin' tight, mess around take some home tonight
Cuz I like, the girls that live in the club, they just
{Float on, float on, float on, float on} (keep it bouncin', get it movin)
{Float on, float on, baby, float on}

[Full Force]
Yeah, I like the chick to be, lick it up
It's easy up for me, pick 'em up
Take 'em floor, sweat 'em up
And welcome to the bar, wet 'em up
Let's get set, yo, grab the honeys and let's go, do a 59 in the 'Esco
Cuz on cell phones, two-ways, ballers are down, yo
It's just a sign of the times, yo

[Silkk the Shocker]
N-O-L-I-M-I-T, try to step in this mutha, like, yea, that's me
You know, all up in the club on dubs, wit the tank on
Party club, half on love, get your drink on
See somethin' you like, g, get up outta here
It's bout to get hot, so look, sit up by the fan
When I come through, make her forget about a plan
She got a dude? Make her forget about her man
Look, you want it, but you ain't really gotta front
Besides run the streets, and then you tried me once
And ma, you ain't know got a triple x about cash
I'm P little brother, you look smart, so do the math
Full Force in here, gotta holla at Flex
Some say I'm spring bout it, cuz I'm private deck
But they don't stop up in here, you ain't bout it, you got up in here
It's bout to get hot, yo, you got up in here?


[Full Force]
All the mami's in the spot, pick 'em up
Make the booty hot, sweat 'em up
Funk passion on the rocks, lick it up
Dancin' til I drop, wet 'em up
Don't wanna dance, then I'mma have to ask one of your friends, so
Then I take 'em home in my Benz-o
Free screens, DVD's, twenty inch Lorenzo's
It don't make no sense, yo

[Method Man]
Yo, every hour on the hour, "chill" like Rob G.
Then he snap wit the power, the hungry M.C.
I be by this couch, niggas ain't blowers you flower
Eat bullets and shit gun powder
Found you, reachin' for that chrome in your trousers
Supply the, get up on that left, turn an hour
Hurt me, firstly I put you on the ducks where the dirt be
Personally I just don't give a what
Have mercy, RZA beat's bump like herpies
And Meth run this track like Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Club hoppin', in the apple, where it's rotten
I'm bird watchin', trynna get in mami's stockings
Funkmaster Flex, it's about to get ugly, and God don't like ugly
Honeys permed out, lookin' young, dark and lovely, pass me the bubbly
I come wit Full Force, you can find us where the club be


[Hook 4X: Full Force]
If you don't give a, like we don't give a
Throw your hands up, if you live in the club

[Method Man]
Is it real, son? Is it really real, son?
Let me know it's real, son, if it's really real
Somethin' I can feel, son, loaded up and killed one
Wanted raw deal, son, if it's really real
Aiyo, we come in Full Force
Got my girl Bambue, and Funkmaster Flex
One love to Lou Star, he's a live muthafucka


[Outro: Funkmaster Flex]
Aight, and that's the way it goes down
Funkmaster Flex and Full Force
This is it, let it happen, one