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Artist: Flo Rida f/ Etta James
Album:  Good Feeling (S)
Song:   Good Feeling (Remix)
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(Oh, oh, oh)
[Intro 2X: Sample from Etta James's "Somethings Got a Hold on Me"] 
Ohhhhh-ohhhhhh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I NEVER, never, never, never had before
No, no, I get a good feeling, yeah
[Flo Rida]
Y-Y-Yes I can, doubt that I leave
I'm runnin with this plan 
Pull me, grab me, crabs in the buck can't have me
I'll be the president one day
January 1st, oh you like that gos-sip
like you the one drinkin what God sip dot com
Now I gotta work with your tongue
How many +Rolling Stones+ you want?
Yeah, I got a brand new spirit, speak it and it's done
Woke up on the side of the bed like I won
Talk like a winner, my chest to that sun
G5 dealer, U.S. to Taiwan
I hope you say that, I wanna play back
Mama knew I was a needle in a hay stack
A Bugatti boy, plus Maybach
I got a feeling it's a wrap -- A.S.A.P.
[Chorus 2X: Etta James sample w/ Flo singing along the second time]
[Flo Rida]
The mountain top, walk on water
I got power, feel so royal
One second, I'ma strike oil
Diamond, platinum, no more for you
Gotta drill a land, never givin in
Givin up's not an option, gotta get it in
Witness I got the heart of twenty men
No fear, go to sleep in the lion's den
That flow, that spark, that crown
You lookin at the king of the jungle now
Stronger than ever, cain't hold me down
A hundred miles feelin from the picture smile
Straight game face, it's game day
See me runnin through the crowd full of melee
No trick plays, I'm Bill Gates
Take a genius to understand me
[Chorus 2X]

[Flo Rida]
Look at the lights that now are shining my name
You know you know you gonna feel the same
Cause we are here now, is about to go down
I think tonight we gonna party for days
Put up your drinks when I come down
Tonight we gonna run this town
Maybe feel like I'm wearing a crown
Make the love like there's no one around
And I know you wanna have it
Come on up here and grab it
I gotta feeling that your life's gonna change
[Chorus 2X]