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Artist: Flo Rida
Album:  We Already Won (S)
Song:   We Already Won
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Best luck, ya'll know (Oh boy)
Now you need to get low-ow-ow-ow-owww
Hey [3x]

(Oh) We already won, we already won
And ain't no need to play no more games
We already won, we already won
And ain't no more need to play no more games
Lemme hear you say we number one
we number one
we number one
We already won, we already won, hey

Hey you know we bend it there
You talkin' bout a winner no ale in the bag
Until we got LeBron dream throw it in the bag
We right, number one, it's the Miami Heat dag
I'm vibe and I'm start in Miami Heat swagger
So surprised when we called his number six on my rag
That's why it's so sick can't get rid of that
I know they got flick ain't get rid of flash
Ain't no half, keep your daf
Got more money on my salary cap
To fit in a place for LeBron my sca
King James throw some powder like we moving in a draft

We already won, we already won
We get Lebron James, it's already done
You seen the interview, you heard what he said
I'm-a do South Beach with my homeboy Wade
This Miami where the sun kinda hot
So disown me right now down to the top get dropped
Born and raised in a county away
Dropped the ball at Rosea Spade
Let's celebrate! That this one for the crib
Another championship, we'll do it again
Play no games on the court, get it in
Cause all the Heat gonna do is just win


Hot boy Brisco baby
Heat that flame, that fire blazing
Call me LeBron, open like a James
And I don't even play no games, no sir
Let's go! Just know I'm so
Course our seats are front row
Free throw, alley
Home boy don't scuff my ballies
I'm chilling from where on South Beach
Perhaps tissin' my **** forever South Beach
Fire, fire, fire, scorching
Grey Goose Louge let me pro boy

Mahee, mahee
Jetski South Beach, penthouse parties
Fly girls don't you know bikinis everywhere
Start isling, you can find a boss anywhere
Night time is the K that lives
Sky box to the floor, just trying to live
Pole boy the key like waitin'
Try to pick and roll with a team and we fadin' em
Even though we the best and we outta here
Triple A vallet, showtime it is
So nip for the Knicks right here
You got money over here and it is what it is


Play like it is, gotta play drop ball
I used to play Kobe but now it's Lebron
Now we got em on hooves and the trail boom awe
Pole boy, hit em with the strong arm
Ohhhh, I get ahead in bounty
You got cash and tugging way county
We be working like freedom of speech
One block gripping Miami Heat
For real! I'm a gitcha like Chris Bosh
Could you please just get off
Big boy, big body, big deal
One more scene on the beltway to happy