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Artist: Flo Rida
Album:  Wild Ones
Song:   Let it Roll
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Love is nice when it's understood
Even nicer when it makes you feel good
You got me trippin why our love is old
C'mon, baby let the good times roll {*5X*}

[Flo Rida]
It's like Woodstock City, brand new feeling
Nark to the music, psychedelic instinct
My heartbeat acoustic, moves like Hendrix
Moth to a fire then a flame and kiss it
Go hard in my lane both strikes and a visit
To meeting in the brain, gotta roll with the vision
Vision of a good time, all I wanna know
When the party gon' stop, let the good times roll
Come on let's go, you got another minute
Get the party on the road, ain't nothin like the feelin
when you're winnin in your soul
The wheel keep spinnin, only got one roll
Stop stop the show, and stop stop the flow
The world ain't ready cause I rock the globe
So act like you know, act like you know
Act like you know, just what to do wWhen the good times roll


[Flo Rida]
Roll is on, everybody come to get the taste of the bomb
Ain't nobody stoppin when you're bad to the bone
Gotta be the hottest when you shine like chrome
Gotta find that tone, has a mind of its own
Love while I'm 'sposed to look around and it's gone
Love while I'm 'sposed to up hold it down for this crown
Just like her, I'm already gone
Let the good times roll
All I wanna lock, lock, up in this drop top
Pull up in the Chevy so classy and hot, hot
Pockets full and heavy got you screaming what you got, got
What you tryin to say I know I already rock, rock
Gotta let go, pedal to the floor
So incredible, so much better with the flow
Ready for the show, like I'm singing hey yo
Do it like a pro, let the good times roll {*echo*}

And let's go all night, all night
Wake up the club and let's go all out, all out
More drinks for us, toast to the good times may they last forever we're young
Yeah the good times, raise your glass, let's all have some fun