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Artist: Flo Rida f/ RedFoo (LMFAO)
Album:  Wild Ones
Song:   Run
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Flo Rida]
You might not wanna jog on this one
You can not wait for the summer
You already hot, I'm already hot
No sweat, no Underarmour
Louboutin spice, all your good nights
Holla back, if you need a sponsor
Yeah I, ain't that Mr. Alright
Come around, with a few more commas
Come here girl, do what I gotta talk rose petals
See me with lil' momma, kinda make you jealous
Yeah be a honor, gotta say you special
Beat it like a drummer girl, you better be careful
Comprende, was a bit late
Like Fredrick I'll be jet lagged
Calling on you this moment, this instant
What I do is just basic instinct

You see me all over her, you want me all over you {*echoes*}
Soon as I get rid of her, tell me what you wanna do {*echoes*}
(I wanna run to you, I wanna, I wanna, I)
(I wanna run to you, I wanna, I wanna, I)
(I wanna get you alone so we can do something wrong)
(I wanna run to you, I wanna, I wanna)

[Flo Rida]
Head start, she got that shorty
On your marks, til the shots get started
Can you love on the rocks Bacardi
Relay comes the after-party
Pass the bottles, level up get naughty
Full speed, hurry up put your body
Trackmatic horse Ferrari
Need a freak, of course I'm sorry
You ain't get the memo, they made 'em get low
See the finish the line look a lot like limbo
Yeah we going we in all night like tempo
There's another bad chick make light most simple
Ms. Brenda, no beginner
First place, tryin to make you winner
Yeah baby, my Brenda
I'll be waitin in the spot descender


Yo~! We in the spot, the club is hot
And if you wanna party rock
Say hell yeah (hell yeah!)
Non stop, the bottles popped
And if you want another shot
Say hell yeah (hell yeah!)
Yo~! I'm gonna run to you
So you can have a little bit of fun with Foo
I know what you wanna do
When I wiggle wiggle wiggle in my Underoos
Got you wet, drippin like SoCo
Never shoulda let you bounce on my pogo
Now you wanna be my Yoko Ono
Slow your roll, stop actin like you don't know
Ooh~! I'm runnin through these hoes like Drano
But I keep it low pro, cause she's my main hoe
Ooh~! I got your tickets, they're on Fandango
Back room, no fro, I'll be eating a mango

[Chorus] - 2X but minus first two lines