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Artist: Focus f/ Little Brother
Album:  Focus presents......Dedication
Song:   Back When
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[Rapper Big Pooh - Intro]
Bout to bring you back, way back..
Back into time..hah
Let's have fun with it

("Sound.. without focus, is just.. noise.")

I miss back when times were innocent
Dudes would knuckle up when it's time to get into it
Only ice we rock, was Italian Icee's Lemon with the little wooden spoons
A bowl of Captain Crunch, with your favorite cartoons
We all went in the living room and had the biggest TV
Momma playin records, there were no iTunes or CDs
Uh, but we still love the way it sound
Got the speaker out the window for kids at the playground
You better listen up and do what "Simon Say" now
Then we'll cop a couple quart of waters in the corner store
Couple Now & Laters too, cap guns, water guns
Tag you're it, better run - bases on the front stoop
Hydrant on, ev'rybody on the block havin fun
And the only thing we play ("Hip-Hop")
back when it was just rhyme and just drums and a REAL DJ
Red light, green light, 1-2-3 mic -
check in the park, gettin power from the streetlight
Breakdance battle was our version of street fights
Pop locks to floor works, graffiti was our work
and we go to the whole hood, all blocks - Lawn Ave.
East Main to Con Ave. when CT was all GOOD!

[DJ cuts and scratches]

Uh...yo, moms was broke, we ain't have no credit
So we just moved to the hood, where all the kids would
play "Hide and Go-Get-It"
I think that was the makings of my back-girl fetish
Usta mess around wit this chick Tameeka
5th Grade, already had titties big as the teacher's
First day of school, niggaz starched they knees up
and wouldn't shoot ball so they ain't scratch they sneaks up
Blow Pops a nick away
And on picture day, niggaz wear the same suit they got for Easter
Summer vacation we would go to The Spot
or go down to the park, and get that good free "Lunch-in-the-Box"
wit our shorts on extra loose
Gettin good wit the lunch lady, try to get a extra juice
When I say them was the days - it's true!

[Rapper Big Pooh]
I got my play clothes on, school clothes off
Streetlights made everybody run home
Goin through puberty, every young boy grown
and chase down girls that we wanted to hump
If the swimming pool's closed, then we runnin the pump
Jungle Juice, quart of water, drinks already drunk
Went bowling, went skating, went go-kart ridin
Mama had just enough when it came to providin
SPAM in the can, welfare cheese
No-name peanut butter, "Can we borrow bread, PLEASE?"
Never had a need or a want for anythang
New school year came, that's when we got fresh
Only a few times where we try to impress
Cause after two weeks, we all lookin a mess
Medallions and stop watches I will rock on my chest - YES!!

[DJ cuts and scratches]