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Artist: Focus... f/ Kurupt, Rapper Big Pooh, Sha Stimuli
Album:  Pay Homage
Song:   Homage to Pete Rock
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[Rapper Big Pooh]
This what they want right here Focus...
This what they've been clambering for
I think, I think we should go and give it to 'em mayne
Yeah, uh, P-R.. P-R..

Let me take you on a journey through +Carmel City+
where P-R's God with the beats
Pete be the king of the echo, lord of the horns
+Half Man Half Amazin'+, I can go on and on
+Mind Blowin'+ with the rhymes, +It's about time+
I +Get On the Mic+, gave Pete the proper shine
Since way in '9-2, I've been inclined to
check for everything P-R put his mind to
Please +Don't Curse+, how to get the +Skinz+
Who's +World+ is it? +Shut 'Em Down+ at the end
Dilla idolised him, Jim Jones sufficed him
'Ye took a lot of notes, probably analyzed him
No one's better with a James Brown sample
Ain't too many better than, probably a handful
Kids do your research, know where they get it from
This goes out to +Soul Brother #1+, Pete Rock

[Sha Stimuli]
Pete Rock is in the house
Pete Rock is in the house

Back in the days we used to beat box
Banging on the table the beat dropped
And I would rap and act like that beat rock, it was Pete Rock's
His heat rock laid the foundation like sheet rock
For albums like "Detox" and crews like D-Block
Had anything jazzy but street knocking
with drums more than +Soul+ than Reeboks
Bottom line, he's hot, he's not stopping it, he's still at it
He brought life to "Illmatic", follow this
Since +Down With the King+, the haters, he +Shut 'Em Down+
Told the hood +The World Is Yours+ and then made them +Jump Around+
No repeating with +The Main Ingredient+, it's been a long road
It's like you stuck in some traffic hearing them horns blow
His track record goes back like cornrows
There's no other than the +Soul Brother+
We call him the creator, some would say he created
one of the greatest Hip Hop beats made to this day
As I +Reminisce+!

What? What? What? What? What?
Did I hear this right? The excitement
The mic's unorthodox, concocting oxygenated Pete Rock
House a drum inferno, drum drama
Switch it up, grab the mic to spit stupid dumb slama
Verses of verbal vigilance to earn his respect
Shake the world like quakes and never meet him in debt
Suicide wipe, the only two that I know
that make me rock bottom to top is Pete Rock and Primo
Piranha poetry, liquid lyrical content
Kurupt and Pete Rock, Hip Hop's watchmen
Just watch us, he blessed the whole game with his ethic
Eclectic versions of musical diverse conceptions
Like ILL.. must be electric
His music's a weapon that cleans like antiseptic
Just accept it, Pete Rock.. is the real.. Hip Hop