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Artist: Focus... f/ Phonte, Royce Da 5'9", Stat Quo
Album:  Pay Homage/Checks & Balance
Song:   Homage to Premier
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{"Sound without focus, is just.. noise"}

[Chorus: DJ scratches]
"And-and-and let's start it like this son" - Raekwon
"If you don't like my lyrics you could press fast forward" - Jay-Z
"It's all good!"
"If this was drugs I'd make a million" - Wyclef Jean
"Focused man, my money on my mind" - 50 Cent
"Wait, I had to let it marinate" - Nas
"What the FUCK!" - Group Home
"If you don't like my lyrics you could press fast forward" - Jay-Z
"Turn-turn my, turn my headphones up" - Nas
"I'm blowin up like you thought I would" - Notorious B.I.G.

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Nickel, what up Focus...?
Yeah, uh-huh, yea yea yea

It's the +Ten Rap Commandments+, number 1 just be an ill nigga
You will lose, you try to race this like Hilfiger
I'm +So Ghetto+ with the fo' metal
Sho' nuff blowin up on Challengers like the '84 shuttle
Fuck the count nigga, Preem like a triple beam
Sicker than sickle cell or picture listenin to sickle sing
+Kick in the Do'+ wavin the fo', clad in navy velour
Wax niggaz fast like shavin below
A GangStarr nigga, I'm fly, I'm a sight
I was dope before Escobar told me what +Nas is Like+
When I spit the gasoline see the fire fly
There'll be nothin after Preem, this is me and my homage
Like I rely on Raj, I lean on +What's Happenin'+
Got the "Hey HEY hey!" like Dwayne, I'm stuck trappin
I've gone sick like the song +DWYCK+
Any nigga feelin Big all you gon' get, is a +Long Kiss+


Uh, right here is where the verses start
Dedicated to that classic New York sound and it really hurts my heart
to see the people can't, recognize the Works of Mart
and how they truly was a work of art
I understand we ain't back in the old days
But young'ns be lookin at my nigga Preem funny like he one of the O'Jays
No sense of history; see Chris Martin in the credits
They be thankin it's the nigga from Coldplay
So I gotta school 'em and remind these toddlers
That hip-hop started in the days of yonder
Any fool with a S-line 50 can make beats
But this man took it and redefined a genre
Who else could make the Group Home sound like pros
then make Christina Aguilera sound like soul?
This is my homage and I gotcho' head bobbin
and noddin, so we gon' bring the scratch collage in
Like this! Phontigga, uh


[Stat Quo]
Stat Quo nigga, HEY!
Primo, whaddup man?
Take y'all a trip down +Memory Lane+
Hehe, you did that too

+Step in My Arena+, but make it known +Friend or Foe+
+Recognize+, +I Gave You Power+ with this undeniable flow
I'm +Invincible+, live by the +Code of the Streets+
My +Game Plan+ simple, +No Surrender, No Retreat+
+Salute+ the trill, cause +None of Y'all Betta+
Stay +Discliplined+ +On the Front Line+ +N 2 Gether - Now+
+Stay Tuned+ for the +Moment of Truth+
+Suckas+ gotta +Come Clean+ when Stat in the booth
It's +Mostly Tha Voice+, that's why I got +Mass Appeal+
A +Black Cowboy+, +2 Deep+ me and the steel
+Say Your Prayers+ muh'fucker 'fore you +Outta Here+
+Just to Get a Rep+ I'll end your career (okay)
Been a +Long Time Comin+, +Blood, Sweat, and Tears+
I'm +Royalty+, +Classic+ like a beat from Premier
The public +Lovesick+ from real +Hip Hop+ and shit
+Here Today, Gone Tomorrow+, I "refuse to quit"
It's Stat Quo... and Primo