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Artist: The Foreign Exchange 
Album:  Authenticity
Song:   Everything Must Go
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Take a ride on the moon
Take a drive down the beach
Take a flight overseas
And I do... 

Take a stroll through the park
In the day or the dark
Take a ride through the stars
As the beat of your heart
Counts down every day
Anytime anyplace
It's for you to take
Say I do... 

Every woman and man
Spread the word tell a friend
Beware cause the winds of change they blow
And everything must go 

I used to be so sad and ungrateful
But they say nobody knows not the day nor the hour
So thank you for giving
Me reasons for living
That saved my lonely soul
Cause everything must go

Oh whoooa, this I know
Everything must go
Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-dah
Everything must-