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Artist: The Foreign Exchange
Album:  Authenticity
Song:   Fight For Love
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[Verse One]
All this time I had it wrong
But now I truly see
The road you're choosing
See the writing that's on the wall
Tells me I'm losing you
And there's nothing for me to do
Cause our greatest fears came true
I finally got a clearer view, ooh-whoa

I don't wanna be your soldier anymore
Because the war never ends
And no one ever wins
I don't understand why we should fight for love
Either it ain't or it is
It either ain't or it is 

[Verse Two]
I guess that I am not as strong
As I pretend to be
It's so confusing
And if our fortune should change tomorrow
I still would be choosing to
Run away and just start brand new
The lucky ones they are so few
And I guess they are unlike me and you, me and you-ooh-ooh

[Chorus 2X]