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Artist: The Foreign Exchange
Album:  Authenticity 
Song:   The Last Fall
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[Verse One]
Loved you good
And you wrote our heartbreak in the sky
Never could walk away
She's too easy on the eyes
And I feel like a fool
For missing something that was never there
Wanna scream, wanna curse, wanna cry
But I'm too numb to care 

Told myself that this would be the last time
That I ever fall in love again
Ever fall in love again
Love is at worst an excuse
At best it's a truce
So what is the use?
I'm never gonna love again
No I never wanna love again 

[Verse Two]
All the days I stood by your side
Now I stand with nothing to show for it
And you say I'll always reside
In your heart but we both know you're over it
Why can't you play it by the rules?
Why do you need to be so cruel?
Maybe your reasons I'm not meant to understand

(Ever fall, ever fall, ever fall in love again...)