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Artist: The Foreign Exchange f/ Jesse Boykins III, Median
Album:  Authenticity
Song:   Make Me a Fool
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[Verse One: Phonte]
Ah yeah, yeah...
Just as a sunray marks the feeling
And revealing of a new summer's day
Just as a single tear can blind us
Or remind us all will be washed away
Just as a flower is no sweeter
Even if it's called by another name
My love for you grows even deeper
And for me I hope that you feel the same 

You got me feeling so unreal 
And now I'm losing my cool
You make me wanna lose myself in you 
And break all the rules
If I ever lost this feeling
Heaven knows what I'd do
And I'm not asking you to be an angel
Just don't ever make me a fool 

[Verse Two: Jesse Boykins III]
Just as a sparrow greets the morning
With a song for all the birds in the trees (birds in the trees)
Just as the shore receives no warning
In the war between the moon and the sea
Just as the autumn winds get colder
And leaves all make their way to the ground
Girl, only for you I'll be a soldier
Your love I'm so happy I've found 

[Rap Verse: Median]
Extreme I mean I dove in
All of your needs I mean I'm all in
No flossin, all business
A shoulder someone you can talk with him
Tossin the kid's immediate authentic
You show off and pull a schmohawk-ism?
I couldn't picture it couldn't forget it
This isn't happening, this is the iddish