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Artist: Foreign Exchange
Album:  Connected
Song:   Brave New World
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[Verse 1]
We got, single moms that can't afford to feed children
World War 3 got planes flying into building's
Corrupt cops and robbers, thieves and politicians
They just keeping taking as the world keeps spinning
Just take a look around now
A long way from your MTV cribs with your full speaker surround sound
Get ready for countdown
Just to get some benefits, my girl lied to them people down town
It's funny how we start out cool, but get corroded
By our quest for power and the people that behold it
We up one minute then down before you know it
With no preliminary warning or advanced notice
I guess that's the reason why our eyes cant focus
Can't afford to raise kids cos we gotta raise soldiers
And satellites looking at my pad when I wrote this
A Brave New World, y'all better know it

[Verse 2]
Been a lot of long days, a lot of nights travelling
A lot of niggaz asking what record's 9th's sampling
Lot of nights on stages we forgetting the time and
A lot of in-stores and poster signings
A lot of cats after mines
But that's ain't even keeps me motivated half the time
I think of open mic nights when I would ask to rhyme
When I had something to prove and an axe to grind
Now we travel world wide full throttle
Scared to catch SARS so we cancelled all the shows in Toronto
This rap shit ain't all about hoes and supermodels
It's more about me making this money to pay my condo
So our families can feed each other, these days
My friends are perfect strangers who'll never meet each other
Strong pounds and bear hugs when we greet each other
Cos in this new world I know we gonna need each other