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Artist: Foreign Exchange
Album:  Connected
Song:   Downtime (Nicky Troutman's Bounce to the Ounce Remix)
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Yo, ay-y-y-yo, check it
Aiyyo I be the rap golden child
That's old school like Heinekens and lowering brows
Used to get bent but I'm sober now
and these days that's how I hold it down
Look over crowds like a fatal attack
Overdose style, I'm stopping niggas dead in they tracks
Before they even start a beef to get it settled on wax
You better email or send in a fax, don't make the most of it
You talking loud just cause the hoes love it
I treat beef like otiose and y'all ain't tryna go public
or go at it, supposedly mad at me
Tripping with name brand emotional baggage
It's big time, the ride don't be approaching the average
I'm roasting you faggots cause I'm so diplomatic
and that's just the way we doing it y'all

Cause I ain't got no fuck around time
like Cesar, yo I woke up from a dream today
Thinking bout how I'm gon' get some fuckin cream today
So many emcees to crush and teams to slay
So many rhymes to write, so many things to say
And yo we still ain't willies or thugs, can't concede new thoughts
Hip Hop needs some infertility drugs
Cause this rap shit supposed to be art
Niggas tryna eat but everybody got a grocery cart
Rap should be beautiful like raindrops or walks in the park
A child's first steps or even playing roles in the dark
I'm parallel to the culture just composing my thoughts
Coming back to the music we supposedly lost
Get some Gs one day and we can hopefully floss
Get together for real, together for real

Cause I ain't got no fuck around time
I spend my moments in the lab putting down rhymes
and if you ain't fam, get the fuck from around mine
I'm making sure my cards are dealt right
Sound bomb but stealth mics, and when it's on stage it's hell tight
and give a fuck what you felt like
Cause it ain't given till I say it is
Nigga, stop tryna help Ike
and get the fuck out my spotlight with all your spitting
This year we getting that turkey with all the trimmings
On tour with all the womens, looking like we pushing more weight
than Richard Simmons with chicks from more religions
Cause that's how we doing it and that's how we living
If you're getting it good, then yo, we gotta get it right now