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Artist: Foreign Exchange f/ Rapper Big Pooh
Album:  Connected
Song:   Let's Move
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[Rapper Big Pooh - Intro]
Little Brother...Nicolay...
NC to the Netherlands...
Yo, yo, we at it again
Uh, let's move baby
Uh, we 'bout to move, baby
Little Brother - Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder
Yeah, c'mon...y-yo, uh

I can give the FUCK about the limelight
I write outside the box, 'til I'm left cashin in jackpots
Uncle Pauly, butt naked, no rocks
Got a nigga intense, writin words now we start to make sense
While I grind everyday to pay rent
I done gave up my check before the first dollar could get spent
It's bullshit, ain't it? And they wonder why my eyes jaded
Dark brown with the reflection of HATE in it
Round face with the trace of pain still hoverin
Ya boy won't let it cover him
Smotherin all competition, like hash golden browns
from the house's beautiful kitchen, get served pronto
The coolest cat since Estradas' "Poncho"
I'm a chip off the head honcho, so you know the name
Why play if it's not to win?
"Aw damn, he done did it again" - it's Rapper Big Pooh

[Chorus 2X]
Now let's move, c'mon
Somethin for my peeps all day
(Let's get it goin, y'all)
Real b-boys and DJ's
(Let's get it up now)
and everybody live gettin down tonight, do whatchu like
And let's build
(Build it up, y'all)
Somethin for the whole family
(Check it out, what?)
All the DJ's and MC's
(Let's get it goin on)
Put your hands up in the air now
Yeah, yeah now - now let's move!

Whatever you need, in this joint, I'm hopin you find
Lookin around, seem like an appropriate time
for me to, take my philosophies and quote it in rhymes
and then attempt just to open your mind - you know my style, playa
A throwback like Cherry Now & Laters
or Sunday afternoons in the room listenin to Kaljada
My rhymes never dramatize, applied for the job of rap, nigga 
but I was over-qualified
Apoligize to my girl and my kid
Told 'em, that I was sorry for the way that I lived
A nigga always bein gone so much, been away so long
I never realize they grown so much
Another studio, another microphone to crush
so I can rock your stereo and headphones and such
In freestyles we ain't known to duck, I'm known to buck
at any nigga snatchin that I bone to shuff
Now let's move nigga - c'mon!