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Artist: (Foreign Exchange f/) Von Pea (Tanya Morgan)
Album:  Connected
Song:   Von Sees
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[Von Pea]
Nicolay, 'kay?
One time, Brooklyn
N.C., Netherlands..
{?} world tour, want some?
It's cool

Uh. the beatmaker is here
Known to warm it up as the fable is near
No bunnies or eggs, never one to charade
When I return, the whole city blow a parade
like (AHHHHHHHHH...) Mr. Pea's back
I pity the fool that test me to these tracks
Nicky runs on the backdrop
but if Tay hit the switttch, he could make that ass DROP
+Today Was a Good One+, BK's anti-hoodlum
Von Pea, the veggie you can't eat, you a shrimp scampi
Rap's Camby, crashed awards for mad applause
Ace any master course without a syllabus
Watermark my heart, you can't get as real as this
Ten years from now, when Von Pea's still in this
Nicolay and LB, that's ridic-

I see A-Team, I see Phonte
I see Big Pooh, I see 9th
I see Nicolay, I see Comanche
I see Big Dho, I see {?}
Eccentric, I see {?}
I see Chaundon, I see Floe
I see Median, I see L.E.G.A.C.Y.
I see 3D, I see you
Y'all good to go..