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Artist: Foreign Exchange f/ Stan Graham *
Album:  Leave it All Behind
Song:   Take Off the Blues
Typed by: {with help from liner notes}

* - Stan Graham only plays trumpet in this song

(Mmmmmmm, haaah-hahh-hahhh...)
You might, you might, you might, you might as well...
(Mmmmmmm, haaah-hahh-hahhh, haaah-haah...)

After all is said and done you're next to me
And when the sun goes down, you're feeling things you've never felt before
Nothing left to say to ease your fears
But I know just what to do
Let me take good care of yooo-oohhh-ooou

Kick off your shoes
Take off the blues and come to me
So much to do, so much is new for you to see
You might as well-lll, come a little closer
Girl, don't make me wait too long for you

After all is said and done (said and done)
and there's nothing left to share (left to share)
It's the morning after, I watch you laying there (just wanna watch you lying there)
Always told that you should not give in to love (LOVE)
But saying no is so hard to do (so harrrd...)
'Cause when the feeling's right, you might as well, yeah


Just, want your attention
Ex-cuse my intentions
Keep your feelings intact - Don't wanna hurt nobody, let me say it again
There's, no need to mention
For, this I've been wishing
There's no turning back
Lady, please take my hand

Let's dance...

[Stan Graham plays a trumpet solo]

[Chorus 2X]