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Artist: Frankenstein f/ Luminous
Album:  UV / The Science of Sound
Song:   Rocksumshit
Typed by: Matt Jost

[ HOOK: Frankenstein (/Luminous) ]
If you want some shit (Let me hear you say) Shit
It's me and Luminous, we came to rock some shit

[ Frankenstein ]
Yo, it's poetry in motion every time I rock (tracks)
The ill type raps that correlate with (facts)
You seem puzzled, bewildered by the style that I deliver
Put the disc on the platter, shift the crossfader
And get with the sound, Frankenstein the narrator
MC's want shelter just like the wolf and three pigs
Cause I built my shit solid, not branches or twigs
Smooth like the violin, Strong like the Island
While weak muthafuckas watch me and keep wildin
Evil like the temptress, or the one who's the freshest
Cause I can fuck ya head like a witch from Massachusetts
Or make you feel good when I kick the live acoustics
I got the zest on the quest to take your life
Like I'm straight out the box, smooth and debonair
Dropped 'The Rain Is Gone' and put 'All Hands' up in the air

[ HOOK ]

[ Luminous ]
As I finalize, you analyze my movements
Vocals so smooth you can call me an instrument
Don't perpetrate - originate a style
Get buckwild, don't you bite, my child
Use some physics, mentally wise when you kick it
A brother like me, I gets in it
Yo listen, I got the lingo, crash ya like a drum cymbal
Pay attention, listen to my intro
Funkiness, I gots to bless my microphone
In the dangerzone Mr. Lumin' gotta hold his own
Recite this poetry as I write this
So beautifully, Luminous got the right script
My lyrics stick to you like a tattoo
Form like a cloud, bust the rain drops on you
I'm deadly like venom, an anaconda
Step to me wrong, I'ma drop ya

[ HOOK ]