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Artist: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib f/ Black Thought, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)
Album:  Bandana
Song:   Education
Typed by: Cedmaster3K,

"Ooh, my Shakti
 Aaj pehli baar tum ne kaam ki baat ki hai"

[Yasiin Bey]
They go in one way, they come out crazy

Peace preparatory school, emperors and conquerors
Pharaohs and followers, goblins and monster-ers
Stone heart jewels, and gold for the fools
The bones of the innocent is buckles on they boots
The jail overcrowded, they emptied out the school
See the devil twitchin', ears itchin' from the truth
Strange fruit, cyanide, souffle and soup
It's tasty for a few, and murder for the group
A dead-end street with a lemonade stand
Where is the sky in upside-down land?
That question is hard if you can't see the stars
I'm really not sure, ask me tomorrow
I may not be here, I'm feelin' like I might
just leave, before I start a fire or a fight
Or both, but nah son, I couldn't just chill
Everybody gigglin', that kid was gettin' killed
And I knew when I stood they would turn on me
And I don't need no more trouble with my sleep
So I did what I did, and that's what it is
Tell the sheriff and the deputy I don't give a fick
Tell my momma and my kin and all of y'all and them it's like this
Get free and stay sick
... And that's it
... An education {*echoes*}

[Black Thought]
Peace parishioners, onlookers and listeners
Visitors, keepin' the consumption conspicuous  
Kids graduatin' from public schools and prisoners
Underprivileged, aboriginal, indigenous 
Sent images of that family that got adopted
The president of some nonprofits is out of pocket
I heard the world endin' is trendin', I tried to watch it
I focused on sinnin' when winnin' was not an option 
The system we compete against is farm to table hand
Picking them ingredients, civil disobedience 
Encyclopedia, definition of greediness
Gluttony, please take heed of who you treaty with
Me, Freddie, Flaco, and Shot never forgot though
That Plymouth Rock landed on top of new Morocco 
Couldn't see who was firin' shots, the shooter got low
And left a burning cross on the lawn just like a pothole
I may not be here, I'm feelin' like I might
just leave, before I start a fire or a fight
They sayin' the six bands are higher for the flight
So I may be a hitman for hire for the night
If you're figurin' this man's maniacal, you're right
Bar codes on the wristband, it's not an oversight 
They intentionally expand, probably to extradite
If you wanna play blind, just look straight to the light
The puppeteers playin' you for spite
And worldwide, what we're payin' is the price

[Black Thought + Yasiin Bey]
... And that's life
... An education {*echoes*}

[Freddie Gibbs]
Wooden leather buck talk, China white with cut talk
Kane train, a ho could never put me in a Slut Walk
Education, trap-onomics, narcotic plug talk
My hands was right back in the birds soon as they took the cuffs off
Gotta feed your fuckin' wolves or they gon' feed on a nigga
It's quite ironic how all this ice'll keep the heat on a nigga
My cousin beat me for a pack and I put the beam on a nigga
And I don't gotta finesse the plug because I Deebo that nigga
Used to be peace and O's, drop an opp like pop's stinky load
+Last Friday+ hit by the po's, threw dope in the commode
Got off the stove and slowed my role, I'm in the mosque now
But I'll still serve yo' baked potato Bobby Johnson style
You ain't lit, you litter like Trump Twitter feed
Black mobster shit, I'm more Melvin Williams than Genevieve's 
Them fist fights had me swappin' blood with my enemies  
You ain't from no set if you wasn't gangbangin' in Little League
I may not be here, I'm feelin' like I might
just leave, before I start a fire or a fight
A million fuckin' dollars a year just won't suffice
Got a factor in that more bad habits and the cost of life, cost of life, uh
We stay so high, that's why we cain't come up
My credit score is zero, I'm still pullin' Ranges up
Them cash counters is counteractive, the paper cuts 
Gas by the pump like when Dominque used to lace ‘em up
I changed it up, I pray the streets don't take what's left of me
Drugs for the free, soul sold separately

[Freddie Gibbs + Yasiin Bey]
Education {*echoes*}