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Artist: Freddie Foxxx
Album:  Crazy Like a Foxxx
Song:   Daddy Boot Knock
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[repeat 12X]
"You mess around with the beast, get your boots knocked"

[Verse One]
What's up with all you fuckin pussy-ass niggaz tryin to rap?
Talk about your gats and your jailhouse stats
You go to every level tryin to make your name fat
Now it's crossed back over, same nigga where you at?
And guess who's at the gate with the stamp sayin VOID
It's not Dan Juan, or Pretty Boy Floyd
It's not somebody's project tryin to take a chance
but some fool in some baggy-ass pants tryin to dance
It's not a crazy white boy tryin to act black
with a straight top fade and some black girls standin in the back
But it's me, Mr. Rapmatic, bring the static
with the jailhouse style comin straight from the attic
I gotta let the people know the deal, what's fake, what's real
Where microphone burns don't heal
Rappers can't play big Foxxx
You fuck with Daddy Boot Knock get your boots knocked, this is hip-hop

[repeat 4X]
"You mess around with the beast, get your boots knocked"

[Verse Two]
A lot of bitches on the mic now I'm tryin to set it off
I never let some sucker-ass bitch be the boss
I'm sick and tired of dykes on bikes wearin boots and Nikes
Wanna control the mic hardcore but never had a fight
But baby welcome to the ring
What kind of fat hardcore style can you bring?
It better be original cause if you try to bite
I kick you in yo' ass and I beat you with the mic
And if you got a man and he wanna help you beef
It's just another day that I'll be bringin home teeth
I'm big Freddie Foxxx and I'm raised in the streets
We never make a record bringin niggaz swine beef
I'm Daddy Boot Knock

[repeat 8X]
"You mess around with the beast, get your boots knocked"

[Verse Three]
Who got style, original style
How many temporary rappers on the mic headed straight for the junk pile?
So what you sold a million records?
I leave your ass cryin on the stage butt naked
See rappers that's smilin in my face shootin game tight, lame hype
Know a real nigga don't get caught up in the fame light
My light is brighter with a scope
And once I got it beamin on yo' ass you'll be out like rope soap
I'm in the dungeon every day
And niggaz start runnin when I come around the way
So you can play that hard shit on everybody else
But when it comes to me you better play it on yourself
So brother if it's real let it be but if it's not
You're gonna catch the beef from Daddy Boot Knock, get your boots knocked out

[repeat 15X]
"You mess around with the beast, get your boots knocked"

"Big Foxxx, Daddy Boot Knock"