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Artist: Will Smith f/ Jazzie Jeff, Biz Markie, Slick Rick
Album:  Willenium
Song:   So Fresh
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(let's listen to this dramatic show
which was popular in the early days of radio)

[Will Smith]
Ha ha, unh, yeah yeah
Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince and uh
Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince and uh
Little taste of the old school
Jazzy Jeff, yo, break it down one time
Say what?
Unh, unh, unh, unh
One for the treble, two for the bass
Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in your face
Me and Jeff again, "Oh my" you say
1985 to the Y2K
The new millenium, propehicies, I'm fulfillin' 'em
Everywhere I go, people be yelling "yo, that's Will and them"
(so fresh)
I check the rhyme like Quest
Some jokes dropped them doo-doo rhymes at my rest
The B-I-G, W-I-L-L
King of swing, and I rock well
The nail in the coffin of your average rapper
Jeff do the ditto for your average scratcher
Stature of a rapper slash actor
Back to the future on wax
The future of rap
Tap like Gregory Hines, read the headlines
Hip-hop's number one son still shines
'Cause I'm (so fresh)
Big Will is (so fresh)
Jazzy Jeff is (so fresh)
West Philly is (so fresh)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Biiiiiz... Marrrr... KIE!

[Biz Markie]
Yes y'all and to the funky beat and
Everytime you hear me rhyme, y'all be freakin'
The B-I-Z will wreck it, R-O-C-K it
You're guaranteed to like me, for what I am sayin'
To all those other emcees that be tryin' to get the info
Forget the rest 'cause I'm the best, and I'm a nympho-
Maniac, insaniac, I'll put you in a trance and
Always keep it tight, cuz, no matter what type was
In, you know I'm fresh in flavor
Yeah, that's right, I'm talkin' 'bout me
The R-K-I-E in the place to be
I recognize and hypnotize, everytime I tenderize
I specialize and open eyes, to make you realize
That you've been rocked with Jeff's plain skills
The diobolocal, and my man Will
And we're (so fresh)

[Will Smith]
Ha, Big Will is (so fresh)
Biz Mark is (so fresh)
Jazzy Jeff is (so fresh)
Biz, do it
Whoo, for the old school
Unh, unh, ha ha
Ladies and gentlemen
Rrricky... D!

[Slick Rick]
 Well once upon a time eccentric head shorty
Where people wore pijamas and went to bed early
There was a little boy, tight clout that might sprout
Tried to help lead black folk the right route
Negative voices, many, once in prison for unwise choices that he once
Divide the men, cops were sent inside of him
And seeing the good he had within him, let him out again
 The life no longer for a big time baller, vic
 Big Willies like Will Smith now call the kid (yo Rick)
So check the gift, everything no negative
That's what happens when you steer black folk away from
Not to mention chasin' charts, killin' 'em
There'll be a member of the Biz-Mark, Will, and Rick
Demise sent, can't mess with the mindset
Come run with us, December 1999 said
It's all because of you, I'm feelin' sad and blue
You went away, now my life is just rainy days
I love you so, how much, you'll never know
You took your love away from me
Oh oh oh oh
You took your love away from me
Oh oh oh oh
You took your love, you took your love, you took your love
You took your love away from me
Slick Rick
Will Smith
Biz Mark

[Will Smith]
True dat, true dat
Jazzy Jeff y'all