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Artist: FunkDoobiest
Album:  Which Doobie U B?
Song:   Bow Wow Wow
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Bow Wow..B-Bow Wow...B-B-Bow Wow....B-B-B-Bow Wow Wow
Bow Wow..B-Bow Wow...B-B-Bow Wow....BOW WOW WOW

B-ow Wow(repeated)

I bow wow wow yippy-o yippy-a to the funk 
I put you in my trunk
Like a good fella, I'm a good speller
Yet I get retarded like Hellen Keller
Take it, I'll kick it, better I'll flick it
Just like a booger, I fuck around with hookers
Like Tina Turner, I'm a fast learner
Earning up my wealth, now I go for self
Like Barney Rubble, who's always in trouble
I'm quick on the double, you'll never see me fumble
Like a quaterback, think I outta smack
Wack MCs who think they're all of that

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I Bow Wow Wow yippy-o yippy-a to the funk
A Bow Wow Wow

It ain't no hassle, I'll grab my lasso
Check a punk asshole, like Eddie Haskell
Yet I'm not the Beaver or Sigourney Weaver
I'll bust a stunt punk like Colt Seavers
Then do the polka, I'm iller then the Joker
I'm not mediocre, like almond mocca
I'm flavor, behavior is ill when I spill
You'll be fucked just like Fire Marshall Bill
'Cause I cause disasters like the Dukes of Hazard
I'll shatter you kid if you step punk bastard
Zero, Weirdo, the Funk Superhero
Yeah you scare me, just like a scarecrow


Eenie meenie, I funk like Houdini
No I run shit punk, like Mussolini
I'm skinny 
Kid like me dreams of tiny bikinis
Ralph rocks a beanie
Flips it, smacks it, do the Michael Jackson
Bring your crew punk, cut you in fractions
Action packed, wanna come back
On the drunk track, sharp like a thumb tac
I'm in the congos, I chill like Tonto
When it comes to the funk, I rock pronto