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Artist: FunkDoobiest
Album:  The Troubleshooters
Song:   Oye Papi
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"Que es lo que esta pasando aqui?"
(What is happening here?)

All my indeginous, vigorous, rigorous
Mic beligerent, acts be delivering
Sound city as girls dance permiscuous
Ambigous catch, real rap carnivorous
Into this M.C, roll up the set, si
Claro que si, who keeps it wet like jet skis
Doobie gets Desi, deadly with the disco
Don Francisco of the club, rubber-dub
Put your hands in the sky, for this abominable
Stage phenominal, arsenal unstoppable
Mad maniac, the brainiac logical
Son's latin mic rules, like King Monaco

Oye Papi 2x

Mic agression, that's my profession
True confession, hear Hip-Hops progression
Three dimension, starship's connection
SonDoob's relentless, sound check erection
Expression, that inspect your audio
Bar room, dancehall, the flow, bodyflow
Como no?, yo soy the exceptional
Skill's professional, omega alphabetical
Laugh hysterical, party vivacious
Anticipates Son, this funk, excavation
Declaration, peace to Zulu Nation
You can't incarcerate this rap creation

Oye Papi 2x
Oye Papi

"Sounds you about to hear
 Can be devastating to your hears"

Clubs surrender, first time offenders
Mind bender, blender, get the bartender
The contender, sipping wet Amarettos
WintChester blasting, keynote addresso
One two selector, rap Prime sinister
Perpendicular to a stickup with the Dilinger
Visit us, party like Caligula
Verhicular manslaughter, dancefloor particular
Twelve cylinder, horsepower blunted Rican
Hit the streets, or beneath the firebreathing
Yo lo hice, so i could freak the recent
When D.J.'s the mic, it's open season

Oye Papi 2x
Oye Papi 4x