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Artist: Funkmaster Flex f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album:  The Mix Tape Volume 1: 60 Minutes of Funk
Song:   Fat Joe & Punisher Freestyle
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Fat Joe]
Power from the street lights made the place dark
But yo they didn't care, they turned it out..
Uhh, you know what this is, +South Bronx+!!
Fat Joey Crack representin the realest
I got my man Big Dog Punisher in the house
Yo Punisher, let these niggaz know

[Big Punisher]
Brothers are rappin like Iraqi soldiers
Actin like they crackin boulders
when they pack a cap that won't attack a blowfish
Always talkin shit, players that rather balk than pitch
and often counterfeit, Kings of New York
on Mr. Walken's dick
You make me sick to my stomach, you don't really want it
Riffin like you sniffin coke
but scared because you barely gun it
You really done it now you got me mad
Borenos be like, "Papi's bad,"
makin fakers cocky when I'm drivin back

[Fat Joe]
Many thought it couldn't happen, Joe is never rappin
He was always get loot off the crack and
fuckin with them heavyweights, who had shit sewn in every state
The very site'll make the average man defecate
Livin the life of stock bonds and cars, word bond
I be gone I'll be worshipped like Nicky Barnes
It's on -- you don't want no confrontation
Kill the communication, or suffer from multiple lacerations

[Big Punisher]
I keep a Desert Eagle cocked back in my tuxedo
with my top hat, what you funny motherfuckers know about that?
Lookin Doug E. Fresh in my double breast
like a pimp, eatin shrimp, gumbo bubble bathin
in the jumbo jet, set, on auto-pilot
Gonna fly it to Puerto Vallarte
try to reach whoever is choppin the highest

[Fat Joe]
Business chatter's over shrimp and lobster platters
at Jimmy's Cafe, a glass of Peirier
Chick go for celly book a room at the Holiday
Inn, so I can get her and a friend
Menage a trois livin the life of a star
Overweight overpaid, pockets bustin out the seams
While you niggaz havin limousine dreams
I got you all sized up, niggaz wise up
A Fat Beat truck'll be pickin all you guys up

[Big Punisher]
For you hilarious comedians, I'm at the Marriott, ??
To rentin chariots to carry us to various
evening events, eating the best up in Jimmy's Cafe
Explore the wine that be four ? G's
fuck it, just gimme half
I make it last, with the dough I got, if not
I blow your spot, if not, Joey Crack please load the glock
Let these niggaz learn the hard way
The word to God way, the motherfuckin murder mob

[Fat Joe]
Fuck that fuck that fuck that!
Funkmaster Flex keepin it realer
Hot 97, Joey Crack, Big Dog Punisher
Bulletclips, WHAT!