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Artist: Funkmaster Flex f/ Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Mix Tape Volume III - 60 Minutes of Funk
Song:   Put Your Hammer Down
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Lay ya hammer (lay ya hammer)
Lay ya hammer kid (lay ya hammer kid)
They want the drama bring it to ‘em Fuck ‘em


All rise meet the preacher this pro dueler been diagnosed 
Diabetic keptic I’m your host
Lock the vanilla suede British
Staten Island mall menace
Otherwise posin’ as a dentist in my lenses
Pinball machine gun rap spoke to Arafat
Laundry maid honey can’t blow in this hat 

Method Man:

Is it raw now
Change it around
It’s war now
The final countdown commences
The battleground is twelve inches of wax paper
Breakin’ down your defenseless senseless nature
Pain stings with ‘Ma Baker
Twin towerin’ I skyscrape ya
Freedom come meet your maker

Inspektah Deck:

Another sound boy’s dyin’
Crowd noise multiplyin’
Don’t let the fuzz slide in bust out the sirens
Sure win lure ‘em in like exotic women 
I smile with the sinister grin and finish him
You’re fuckin’ with hoods, get ya goods pushed back
Ya fraud, pull the wool off your hollywood hat


Yo Yo Yo
The track melts in half liquors have this brave meaning
Supreme being being all that I can being
Picture wavy beavers meat cleaving your receiver
Fly sunny cheeba leather buckets dirty reefer
Fast floatin’ grill residential honey hill
Stainless steel rashes sheisty catch a money bill


It’s all gravy 
We floatin’ through like the British navy 
Fresh design lady  love the fade keep it wavy
The mix drink - throw the dick in the drink
Play it baby girl caught ya
Exotic album Cuban Link
Custom AV’s beige panties who could front on these please
Ya’ll niggas broke so much your uncle sells trees


High ranked officials and armed tanks and missles
Blood drizzle simple fact you slept on the issue
That before he started jerkin’ off joysticks and Sega
I made tapes a hundred watt amps insuring Vegas
Rza fine tune it shippin’ meal units
MC’s ask, who be those rhyme killers in masks?
No doubt difficult task to last in the square
Beware infinte amount of darts is in the air
I’m victorious no opponents and blast through components
And microphones watch the whole world live the moment
Anything anti that came approachin’ this
Incapable lust speech remains motionless

Lay ya hammer (Lay ya hammer)
Lay ya hammer kid (Lay ya hammer kid)
Lay ya hammer (Lay ya hammer)