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Artist: Gangrene
Album:  Vodka & Ayahuasca
Song:   Flame Throwers
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Oh No ]
This is Double G, equivalent to 2000 degrees
Melt down titanium like a metallical sea
Transform a river into the T2
What you witnessin is the G2
Your eyes only see two G's
Criminals so illegal, we lead the feeble
And stuntin like it's Evil Knievel
It ain't a sequel, it's a prequel
I birth y'all styles, there's none equal
I'm versatile and wild, lethal
Al, I can see you, come talk to the people

[ VERSE 2: The Alchemist ]
Blowin like the wind through the trees
In a summer breeze, my eyes only see 2 G's
Two varsity letterman jacket G's on the back of the coat
The words I wrote
Perform open face surgeries on the racket and go at your throat
Chemical imbalance, flow dumb, mentally challenged
Promote violence
Flame throwers burn down houses to a crisp
No crazier combination exists
Only happen once in a blue like a solar eclpise

We'll put that fire to you
(Give you ( ? ) hits)
We'll let that heat melt ya
(They no longer exist)
Big flame throwers
(Y'all ain't fuckin with this)
We got fire (Man)
You got fired (Whut)
We got fire (Man)
You got fired (Whut)
We -- fire like a flame thrower
Every spot'll get blazed over

[ VERSE 3: Oh No ]
See me, I'm a pot smoker, I cannot be sober
I'm a lye soldier, locked in a cockpit, leaned over
Corrupt ambition, Air Force of the Oh Novas
Nostradamus, your futuristical prophet
Dumb ballin, big spendin before you got it
That's no credit, no collateral, bet 'em
We go animal, let it shred 'em, I dead 'em
Yo Chemist, get 'em, get 'em

[ VERSE 4: The Alchemist ]
Put 'em to sleep, I rock 'em good
Fathered the style, I taught 'em good
If you woulda, coulda, you oughta should
More fire, y'all runnin out of wood
Known arson, known for sparkin
Collect debt like lone-sharkin
Shoot a crowd when I'm talkin
Then slide on 'em like wet floors with no carpet
I emerge out of the darkness
To resurrect the lifeless caucus
Bosses walk into the Double G office