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Artist: Garcia f/ Cappadonna, Heckler
Album:  Hood Music
Song:   We Live This
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Cappadonna talking over Drain's scratching]

Shoulda see how my niggas stood up
With the foot up as we lean back on the recline
Get in line or you could fall behind
What you know about the family grind?
What you know about living a lie?
All the ladies in the house love the way we pop the nine
Step your hood up (step your hood up)
You in the hood, better step your hood up (step your hood up)
Step your hood up, you in the hood, better step your hood up
Brush your guns up, tie that hood up
We gon make it through no matter what
Put the paint in the handle or rip the dutch
Mixed with the club life, we never gonna give it up
Suit it up, I know tricks in the hood that love to strip it up
Peace to all of my real hood niggas that never switch it up
Still lickin up, feel the fight and the pain like we don't give a fuck

[Chorus: Drain scratching]

Yeah, I'm trying to move units like them cats sell Hondas
Stay hella papered like I'm Willy Wonka
And get contracts, go sell for sponsers
Show them how I ??? like Hotel Rwanda
A nigga hella proper and I'm nobody's property
The way I do my thang, I'm a hella comoddity
I gotta keep my habits, fast money and robbery
Well maybe not the other, cus the money is blocking me
Cus if I got locked I can't spread like containment chambers
But my music's needed like AIDS awareness
Stop what you're doing cus your aim is careless
You're pissing me off, I don't just aim to scare shit
I aim to bleed, I aim to please
So if the people don't like to your name is dead on the streets
Nigga you gets none like celibacy
And you ain't shit like weed with the stems and the seeds


You better have your a game on if you fucking with me
I'm unpredictable, most niggas can't call it with g
I got lyrics in abundance, crawling out of the dungeon
Lunging for the funds, when I'm done, you won't function
Catch me on the grind, if not, you won't see me
I'm surreal, you know the deal, my life is for the tv
Drug addicts addicted, fights right out my window
Fuck talk, I'm trying to raise my stock for my kinfolks
Victim of reality, scrambling to make a salary
Shit I deal with a fucking mentality
On daily basis, all the changing faces
I move once again, tired of changing places
Dog I'm ready to settle, but never for less
So every rapper I see got a target up on their chest
I call the out of style, buck the fuck wild
In this race to the finish, there's probably an extra mile