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Artist: Geto Boys f/ Ice Cube
Album:  St. Ides TV Commercial
Song:   5th Ward/South Central Malt
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[Intro: Audience watching TV]
ha ha ha ha
That's my favorite Malt liquor

Kick that shit  ------> Eazy-E

Who is it?  ---------> DJ Pooh

[Ice cube] 
Yes, it's the S-T crooked I-D-E-S
I make a mess unless
Sucking' through it like a G-O
Ice Cube with G to the E, to the T-O

Now here comes dude
I play the game where there's no rules
Homies on the cut say I'm a fool
Cause I drink brew

[Bushwick Bill] 
Quick to bust a cap on the Ides blow 
Bushwick gonna go with the flow
'til the Ides loads 

[Willie D] 
Here I come
Willie D, that's me
Rollin' with 5th Ward, South Park and South Central, Gee
And St. Ides when I party
By the twelve pack case of becardy

A six pack of forty Ack'
Gets the real bounce
I drink brew, but y'all I drink it by the twelve ounce

[Willie D] 
They say Beer makes fail

[Bushwick Bill]
But St. Ides is straight, so it really don't matter

[Willie D] 
So keep eye on the price
Next time go shoppin, grab the St. Ides
And buy the real Malt liquor
And tell them that The Geto Boys and Cube sent ya