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Artist: G&E Music f/ Pep Love, Toons
Album:  Volume 1 & 2
Song:   Interpretations
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Uh ha, ser-vice. Yeah.
See I'm spreading the word
Remaining unseen but heard
Around the world form the witness
What I deal wit, everyday
It's another form of war,
The government trying to put me behind the bar doors
Slangin cannabis just smashin' the seven-fo
Delivery man going door to door for doe
While raising the stash quote hollerin' Cyto" 
Dummies runnin' up when they don't know what they up against
You test this you fail
Regardless the cop reveals
Hitten' em like a SWAT team outta hell
Hungry for money to pay the bills
Feed and cloth my seed
I'm livin' just to see him live life comfortable
Not having to struggle wouldn't do dirt for bundles
Stayin' humble with a lion's heart
Don't worry about me dog, I can play my part
Switch the role meet them halfway with a double four
Let him know
Around these parts, ain't no marks
Just crash men with various tools 
for building and destroying cats coming at me
With a pair of facts you niggas never learn
Seem to me you wanna be you
But can't be you
Cause curious monkey do
What stupid monkey sees

[The Grouch]
Sees (Seize) A moment...
Come from within and then
Call it a day and stay
The wallet will fill it will
I promise
Be honest you and through
Trust time will tell there's no one better to know then self
Grow life like a rugan, then bask in the wealth 
Though I'm askin' for help on the constant
I pull my power through my inner working content
Forever never ignore your voice
Travels they lead and hoist 
You up where
Politics cannot breath
Believe in
All that you stand to leave
Behind is nothing 
Ease your mind from suffering
And redefine what things are the norm 
if you can't and won't settle to conform
We maybe only born just once
In a rival of this new age has time,
Feeling like a crutch
And I can carve my own spot to rot
Better yet rock I forgot to go jock yet recognize other ways
The place where my brother stays mentally waves
It's time to raise

"It's just my interpretation" - Outkast 'SpottieDottieDopaliscious'
"I be the odd man out" - Mobb Deep
"It's just my interpretation"
"That's trying to pump what I'm about"

[Pep Love]
Like thisss. 
To the beat of the city I know the gist of way I'm 
Here right now
On this occasion
For everything I've done so put down the gun mister officer
I just wanna sit down and talk to ya
Crime I've done but I was having fun at the time
Of trying to get mine
But you judging and bill stick 
bulging me trying to keep a nigga in line
But I walk the path that's spirals and turns, expands and intensifies
Idle concerns of survival, into a general concept
Like a muscle, my mind is in step, with my every jester 
That's why when I see you, you don't see me
Pass by on my quest for the best tie
Yes I, individual chose to live how I live and will continue to
Power, I possess, personally 
And you can probably tell after conversing with me
Knowledge is abundant all up in my noggin'
But you searchin' runnin' my tags, mad cause I ain't got shit

Sometimes I feel something like shock wave in my spine 
Half of the time it's when I'm dreamin' 
it's deep without a conscience mind 
Mind constant pressures of structure they force my intuition 
To adapt like I'm not with the bros, still fearful of the drier 
But I got guys who strive along my side 
At all time when I don't trust my mind as much as my heart 
Or the stomach lock, depends on the risks you take 
Depends on the mix of the fate 
You dealt deck but I had trouble shoot 
confusion with logic a little self respect 
And knowledge of outlicks on the outdoor travels 
and what I needed to hear 
I know it's right for me and sometimes know it's right for you 
Try to tell fools what to do, but if I know something I do
I feel the energy within contact 
so I trust my intuition that's the truth 
(that's the truth man)