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Artist: Grimm f/ Baby Bash/Baby Beesh, Lucky Luciano
Album:  The Brown Recluse
Song:   Money
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[Verse 1: Grimm]
I gots to get
My money, my scrilla, my scratch, my cash flow
I'm straight to the front
Fuck the back door
Player with the blunt, stuck in mack mode
Lady on my lump, what's up with that hoe
She wacko
Don't fuck with my stack, though
If it do, catch a few in the back bone
Get ya key to the crew from the capo
Mack mode to jack mode, blastin' ya cast, though
Put my guns in my fun
Pullin' all the stunts
Movin' all the tons, we the ones
Went from crumbs in the slums
Living in a dung'
Now I'm doin' lunch like a trump
Was a man so, broke
Had no hope, and that's no, joke
Since my hands hold dope
The can so cold, the man don't know
Don't stand so close to me
Now I got the FEDs all over me, someone said that
You can hear them tell police, that I hold the things
And I'm foldin' these and I mold the C's

[Kia]  You making me
       All the money I can burn
[Bash] Gotta get that money, honey
       Gotta get that feri, baby
[Kia]  You making me
       All the money I can burn
[Bash] Gotta get that money, honey
       Gotta get that feri, baby

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
I want the bomb and the blow money
To show money
Your money
Take ya granny and ya hoe's money
No dummy
When it come to the pimp juice
That Baby Bash, mayne, all about my issue
Ain't no love
Ain't no heart
Times stops when I gotta pull these nigga's whole cards
Cause the game fucked up, mayne
Think about it
Look at all these faggots, talkin' 'bout "Been 'bout it, mayne" (Faggots)
Shut that shit down, and have
My bread
Fore the nigga go nuts, and have, your head
I keep stashes
Up under my mattress
Straight sapped out, man, dawg, I got to have this
On one
Ruler tip for my chippers
Lord Of The Rings, I'm a king of the zippers
On one
Held both for sale
Others got yale
But I got clientele

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Lucky Luciano]
Now if you come down swangin' some big on chrome
I told my woman, she better get my dough
Ain't a lazy little hoe, she a hell of a broad
That bird ain't scurred to take a federal charge
Using fraud credit cards to loan a tailor store
She the one that be moving all of my weight up north
When I met her, I told her what I was all about
That girl got on the grind, I'm a baller, now
I'm in love with my money, and I don't think it's gon' change
Got my trunk on pop, while I'm swangin' on blades
You know I say, "I'm out the H-Town"
Where we swang, ride and we say, "Drank that"
Blazin' on the pie with my bitch on the track
Where the money at, let me get that stack
I'm a pimp to the bone, I'm a bonafide player
Lucky Luciano foldin' up big paper

Repeat Chorus