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Artist: Grits f/ Btwice, Pigeon John
Album:  Redemption
Song:   You Said
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Remember when you told me it would never end
We would be together like stimpy and ren
Guess it was a lie
Cause now you is dead

Spit it on a love afair
that ofen make us lose touch
insanity we ?? it
try to pry it from a fool clutch
travel down the road
it came to forks many times
like spacel when mixxed
aplied to cracks and bricks
an inataquit fix
for a momment on it it sticks
you were all I wanted
adramul enough
built a castel in my mind
now the house is haunted
I remain secure
with motives I say is pure
Its a shame we can't endure
Cause the fame take me on tour
trust me I know what happends
we can't wrestle life
we gotta get it before it gets way

She was my high school sweetie
everything I thought I needed
hazel eyes long hair
butter cream porterican
but it seems I was thinkin bout the beauty of her features