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Artist: Gravediggaz f/ Prodical
Album:  Nightmare in A-Minor
Song:   False Things Must Perish
Typed by: ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Frukwan]
Hahaha! Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Yeah, yo, check it, check it, one-two
Gravediggaz, yo, yo, yo, yo
We on ya ass, watch the happ's of the gun blast

[Chorus: Poetic]
False Things Must Perish (x4)

Yo, yo, yo
Judas, Xavier, Sampson, Goliath
Now and nowadays, Gatekeep', livin' Messiah
Porphecize, historically, the wise category
Superiority in the game, explain my story
Dopeful lavish, they're doin' that like a savage
Concentrate, basin' my inner faith and pushin' karats
Rappin' the average, speakin' on riches
Teachin' that all of mankind is actin' dumb, deaf and blind
Beatin' with stripes, worshippin' the glitter of lights
Callin' the Twilight Zone, 'pendin' on cellular phones
Batteries low, got no dough, what's facin' you?
Sportin' ya jewels, and twenty-seven niggas chasin' you
Ultimate blast, constantly repeatin' a path
In an attempt to represent, our class be exec.
To get higher, for what you desire
Yo nigga, yo' blood shall be required
Give it here..


Yo, yo, yo
Fix ya face, y'all know the tricks of the trade
Trade ya six for the eight, spit the case
Face fire and escape on tracks, raise the facts
I annihi-late the wack, I'm tired of these fakes on wax
We all wanna shine but we all don't seem to have the mind
To design schemes that align teams, just a crime scene of blind teens
In the rap kingdom, where cats keep
And it's fine, I love it when the black man shines
Bringin' hope to the habitat where fiends do dope, snort coke
And carry battleaxes, players rock Cadillacs, hunched in their seat
Pumpin' the beat when stompin' the street, they come with the heat
Cuz flamboyant niggas get punched in the teeth
When they front in the beat, but who brings relief
For the average nine-to-five cat carry his grief?


Brook-nam, grace and charm, stay calm but chron's hit Lebanon
Black man but ortho' green Leprechaun from Lexington
Don't disrespect Sunn, I crack ya face with the gun
Smack ya taste outta ya dunn, look at ya fam on the run
Now y'all respect Sunn, shine all type direction
Right connection with the right perfections, recite a lesson
But my weapon reign automatic projection
Blow out ya reception, hose through ya reflection
Solid gold complexion, stay swoll to perfection
Did a fifteen, me and my team, supreme legends
Twenty-one-two, still gettin' money with the Wu
Up in the Cayman Islands, bitches sweeter than honey dew
And I made moves, paid dues and slayed crews
Y'all niggas fakin' jacks on tracks, look out for the steel bat
I live it real black, ill with my format, my war tac's
Worth divine, alphabetically spilt