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Artist: Gravediggaz f/ Craig G.
Album:  Prince Paul * Hip Hop Gold Dust
Song:   Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: RZA (Prince Paul)]
Yo, Gravediggaz, man
Cuz we want to dig up the graves of the mentally dead
We just was lamping around one day, youknowhatimsaying
We was at Paul house, right (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And we was trynna find a word that could describe our way of thinking
And um, Gravedigga was the only thing that can really express it
And describe our thinking

"Don't be afraid" - Prince Paul
"Don't be afraid" - Prince Paul
"I am not afraid of anything" - sample
"Don't be afraid" - Prince Paul
"I am not afraid of anything" - sample
"Don't be afraid" - Prince Paul

Oooh-ooh! The call of the wilds, the black cat's on attack
And smack ya with a grizz' jaw back
Suffering effects of years of oppress'
Got ya running scared cuz the way that I'm dressed
Gravediggaz, the battle with the snakes
Spooks taking off cuz the force is awake
Hah, and now I'm on ya back like a rash
Run, run, yo, but you can't run from the blast
Looking for my window, and death, yo, here's a text
A threat is a black Gravedigga that can flex
If you can, come upon a land with the creeps
Watch how they sneak when you walk down the street
Look over your shoulder, who's that, the villain
The monkey on your back with the pitchfork rap
Catch you off guard, cuz you six foot deep in the heart
Heart, so don't be afraid of the dark

[Craig G.]
Aiyo, I am not afraid, I am not afraid, no I'm not afraid
When I walk, cops follow like a raid
Ducking, they be dipping, disappearing like a swami
Plus I'm extra scared cuz you voted Guiliani
In the office, you don't wanna caucus with me
In the elevator, so you hid the excelerator
And you walk, but I still follow like a hawk
Just to spite you and your racist thoughts
Plus patrolmen and taxi drivers are alike
Patrolmen pull you over and the taxi's make you hype
But I'm fine, my rhymes, could put your kids through college
So I don't really listen to your brain washed garbage
Nappy headed ones, coming through, hit the mark
Craig G., Gravediggaz, don't be afraid of the dark

[Chorus 4X]
"I am not afraid of anything" - sample
"I am not afraid of anything" - sample
"Don't be afraid of the dark" - Craig G.

I ricochet like bing-bing-bing, here comes the Grym
Your shit is fictionary, you a strict, already
Look up, up, nigga, as you pick your dictionary
I'll let your eyes bulge out at the fact
That nigga is not a synonym meaning black
When the creator said let there be light
It means it was black, before that, there was night
And I am not afraid of the dark
But you could be, maybe, you should be
Cuz of the youth, the blood that you spilt
In a country you built, now you worry you might bet killed
By the grandsons and daughters of those you offend
Don't be afraid of the dark, you're afraid of revenge