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Artist: Gravediggaz
Album:  Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide 12"
Song:   Freak the Sorceress

Verse 1: RZA
Yo, check me check me, come on girl and sex me
I'm ready, I'm ready oh girl I'm ready
Ha, everybody plays the fool, sometime
There's no exception to the rule
Yo I met this girl by the name of Katrina
Sexy-ass hoe from the heart of Medina
20 years old, tried to control me
had an attitude like a Lexus Cobe
Yo I'm not Tony baby I'm no slave
Jumped on the gas, took her back to the grave
(Did you wet her up?) Yo I killed the fucking twat
Chopped off her head left her dead in the parking lot

Verse 2: Grym Reaper
Baby, Baby, baby please don't go
Vroom, enter the room killah
Wanted me to fill her with life cause I'm a thriller
She wasn't on the pill but still
Wanted me to drill her with no guard on my dills
Boom, boom, Sauda Hati got a hole in her head
Cause I couldn't lay her on the mothafucking cemetery bed
Aahk, she had madd rot in her crotch
Beating niggas to the cemetery box

Verse 3: RZA
Now that's insane, God damn that's insane
But fuck it, check it
Wicked ass ho-bro by the name of Flojo
Tried to throw a mojo on my fucking dick
I was like yo baby chill with the spell
I'm coming straight the slumbpiss of hell
Don't give a fuck about a slut
Order the damn size of her butt, all I want is a nut
She was like he-ha listen here de-ha 
You don't got no calf get yo ass out of here
What did I do? Yo I grabbed her, threw her ass on the floor
Stomped down and I stabbed her

Verse 4: Grym Reaper
Ooh, I had left her in the rain 
Freak the sorceress she is insane
As she remorsed to her Gravedigga office
Crazy Riggamortis covers the frame
Cause of the fact she was packed with the fat hits
Casket I trapped it plans get active
Still awary the risk she's committing murders
She could burn your epidermis like a fucking thermos

Verse 5: Gate Keeper
It was dark sorta pitch black
Opening the trees can make you sneeze word black
There she stood looking good in the mix
Her full-length hair was in a twist
Asked if I'm a Gravedigga 
Machines felt the jigger from her hour-ass figure
I heard this faint from the next grave
To my surprise she arrived from the far side
Hear the back again hmmm steamy
Said her last nigga was a genie
Said a few words then vanished
I ain't understand cause I don't speak Spanish
I reckatabber with the boom lickidy-splick 
Yo I got the great graveyard shift
Better believe it yo and believe that I could fluff my rough shit this season
She wore a cotton saffon short one-arm
Packin' a crip yo honey had it goin' on
She was no joke I had to tell her get off me
For killin' her softly So she could control my fortress
I figured it out but my wrist was cost-less
My ritual hits you wickedest mix you Rah!
I got the report come on let me get you!
Freak the Sorceress, Freak the Sorceress, Freak the Sorceress