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Artist: Gravediggaz
Album:  The Pick, The Sickle, and the Shovel
Song:   Unexplained
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Behind the ghetto plains, the warfare reign
Must we be the bearer of bad terror the mystery
behind the unexplained...
Let us pound it through your brains (through your brains)

[Too Poetic/Grym Reaper]
Yo I'm the immovable object, that dwells up in your project
Deeper than mob threats, the Reaper's on the set
Each word spring a cold current, to hurt niggaz
like old warrants, make an MC, life insurance
plots unfold that rock moles and rock souls
My title be the sniper inside of the foxhole
Data, scientifical, not just the typical
waste matter my third eye expands my periphreal
See I, only attack, savage animals
Damage em, horizontally plus diagonal
Ain't nothin be traumatical my squadron
buries the beast, underneath, the New York City Botanical
Garden, I'm the Adam and the, Eve of Destruction
In volcanic eruption, biological dust
be turnin into anatomical rust, reastonishing crush
Ash to ash, dust to dust

[all together]
Check the smoky branch camouflage, geared down for warfare
Save your career if you walk here, the New York air
assaults mortals, through they ear portals
Nowhere to hide when we caught you in the crosshairs


Gaze upon the stars, Allah U Akbar
Gomer Oz Dumar, Gatekeep shine rays upon the Gods
Diamond crystal lens mind reflects above the sword
above the head, damage your God-body Judge Dredd
Nuff said, silence acts relentless brutal when attack
A hundred times, more power, poundin media shower
I confront you wise man or spring off like Geechie Dan
in a land, enchanted by crystal been in galactic
meant potential, potent, mine increases through the smokin
Balance a dextraphobin high explosive explosions
Week Omega, I amputate your lever dissect your pever
Make your diva deep, throw off my second teaser
Activate off thought waves, picked up by moray
eels makin you distill back to earth like a astro
In a light fluffy form called snow...
Gravediggaz nigga